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I lost my amazing dog during coronavirus, but in my mind his wisdom remains

Colorado authors, thinkers and readers share their thoughts on living through historic times as the state fights the progress of coronavirus

Carman: I’ll take a shot of vaccine, a beer and the house special … with extra everything

Nicolais: 2020 left us with at least one parting gift

After suffering through a year devoid of annual milestones, the same markers should have renewed importance as we hopefully move past coronavirus

When the Spanish flu hit Colorado, there was no vaccine on the horizon. Here’s how Gunnison coped.

Somehow, by the grace of God, I weathered the most recent coronavirus storm

Colorado authors, thinkers and readers share their thoughts on living through historic times as the state fights the progress of coronavirus

“Of course it feels unsafe”: Colorado prisons face staffing crisis as scores of guards, inmates catch coronavirus

Already, parole officers have been offered overtime pay to serve as prison guards and help with basic operations inside the locked facilities

Silverman: Craig’s altered holiday song list for these pandemic times

Carman: With a swab up my nose, this year comes to a close

Colorado’s fiscal future looks brighter. Now lawmakers must decide how to spend the unexpected windfall.

The December revenue forecasts from the governor’s office and legislative economists show the recovery is impacting high-wage and low-wage workers differently

Youth suicides on the Eastern Plains spark political protest, “7 is too many” social media campaign

Teens are criticizing Gov. Polis’ policies, but mental health experts say it’s too simple to blame the suicide deaths solely on the pandemic

Santa Claus is also working from a ho-ho-home office during coronavirus, thanks to a Colorado entrepreneur

Susen Mesco has spent 38 years booking Santas and teaching them the trade. The pandemic pushed that to a whole new level.

Drew Litton: Colorado’s coronavirus cabin fever

Littwin: This just in — there’s good news out there if you look hard enough

Just as one example, as the votes are counted and recounted, the biggest shift in the nation against Trump from 2016 to 2020 was in Colorado Springs. Yes, Colorado Springs.

It’ll be years before Colorado jobs bounce back from the coronavirus

Annual University of Colorado forecast projects the state will add 40,000 workers in 2021, not enough to offset the 148,800 lost this year

Littwin: As coronavirus vaccines become available, the question is how many Americans will take them

As Trump continues to call the 2020 election results rigged, he continues to challenge America’s most basic institutions, meaning it won’t just be the anti-vaxxers this time.

Carman: The 2020 holiday letter — no travel porn but still much to gloat about

Coronavirus-wary Colorado skiers are willing to sit out this season, poll shows

A Magellan Strategies survey of Colorado skiers reveals apprehension over pandemic protocols, reservations and visitors. “I can go a year without skiing downhill,” one woman said.

Littwin: Special session on COVID is not so special for those Republicans who refuse to wear masks

The pandemic is at a crisis stage in the state and in the country, so let’s pretend that having to wear a mask is not about saving lives but about, uh, freedom.

Mullica: We need immunity for COVID-19, not for corporate responsibility

Littwin: Getting on a plane was easy, but restoring Michael Hancock’s credibility will be a lot harder

Sadly, we expect hypocrisy from our leaders. But there are limits, and Denver’s mayor, against his own advice, crossed the line.

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