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canon city

canon city
canon city

Northwest Colorado wild horse roundup ends with 70% of the herd removed from Sand Wash Basin

About 100 fewer horses than expected were rounded up via helicopter after national outcry and a plea from Gov. Jared Polis


Potential operator of trains on Colorado’s Tennessee Pass promises rail line wouldn’t transport crude oil

Communities along the long-dormant line between Cañon City and Gypsum remain wary


Should every Colorado kid get a mental health exam after enduring coronavirus? It won’t be easy.

Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, a Commerce City Democrat, isn’t sure how to accomplish the logistics, but she thinks her idea is a matter of school safety and statewide health


Free to good home: Century-old bridge spanning the Arkansas River near Cañon City

Martin Marietta needs a new bridge to its gravel mine. But first it has to find a home for the historic 20-ton Parkdale Bridge


Coronavirus has masked Colorado students’ emotions. Teachers are trying new ways to connect.

While masks haven’t obstructed learning or teachers’ ability to forge relationships with their kids, they have in some cases slowed communication and made it more difficult for educators to keep tabs on how their students are doing emotionally and academically.


Colorado teachers want a voice as schools plan for fall classes during coronavirus crisis

Many teachers hope to be with their students, but also have deep concerns about how to bring back in-person learning safely


Trains could return to Colorado’s Tennessee Pass, rumble through Leadville under pair of proposals

A billionaire-backed agricultural outfit in southeast Colorado and a fledgling oil railroad project in Utah want to run trains on Union Pacific’s long dormant tracks between Cañon City and Dotsero.


Planning for drought has made Colorado whitewater rafting companies ready to weather coronavirus

Adding lodging and land adventures, like ziplines, via ferrata and art classes, has helped outfitters keep their place as outdoor economic engines, even when weather and illness make it tough.


A summer gone sideways: Coronavirus upended the big plans Colorado teens had for their break

They were supposed to travel, work and attend sports camps, but as the pandemic remains a threat, teens have had to reimagine summer.


As Colorado schools start plotting fall classes they have more questions than answers

Schools will look drastically different to Colorado teachers and their students. The state has offered guidance on how to carry out the changes and keep everyone safe.


Rafting season is ready to launch, but coronavirus worries are running high in Colorado

Rafters are betting Colorado’s “safer-at-home” rules will ease as people flood outfitters with reservation requests. But will the water last?


Counties fear being left behind as Colorado begins granting variances to its coronavirus safer-at-home order

Eager to help businesses survive and salvage their tattered economies, about half of Colorado’s counties have applied to ease their COVID-19 restrictions and allow for things like in-person dining at restaurants. Most have not been approved.


“College can wait”: With families struggling, Colorado students are working to help make ends meet

As the coronavirus has rattled the economy, leading to layoffs and reduced hours for many, high school students have stepped up to help their families. Some are now delaying college plans.


Coronavirus stole their last months of high school in Colorado, and a long list of traditions

From prom to graduation to just hanging out with friends, Colorado seniors are missing out on some final moments. But they say this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to the class of 2020.


The closure of Colorado coal-fired powerplants is freeing up water for thirsty cities

Large electricity generators use lots of water to cool their coal-fired plants. As those units shut down, expect to see battles heat up over how the massive amounts of water can be repurposed.


Next Napa Valley? The Cañon City area is hoping wineries can lead to an agricultural renaissance

Changes to Fremont County’s zoning code made it easier for farms growing grapes and apples to open cideries and wineries in the town of Penrose


Parked: Colorado towns are taking action to preserve their remaining mobile-home parks

Cities, counties and housing authorities in Colorado are buying mobile home parks to spare them from market-rate redevelopment


Fish ladders and boat chutes part of a massive dam rebuild on the Arkansas River

In the process of rebuilding a diversion to get river water to thirsty cities, Colorado Springs and Aurora collaborated with wildlife, environmental and recreational interests for ambitious infrastructure upgrade


Cañon City falls short in TV small-town makeover contest

After making the finals, Cañon City officials and business owners said they believed being in the competition gave the town a boost that will help it keep moving forward -- regardless of whether they won


Cañon City seeks a makeover to become a destination, not just a drive-through prison town

New businesses, outdoor recreation options and a dose of town pride has residents hoping more tourists will stop and stay in the historic town.