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canon city

canon city
canon city

Coronavirus stole their last months of high school in Colorado, and a long list of traditions

From prom to graduation to just hanging out with friends, Colorado seniors are missing out on some final moments. But they say this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to the class of 2020.


The closure of Colorado coal-fired powerplants is freeing up water for thirsty cities

Large electricity generators use lots of water to cool their coal-fired plants. As those units shut down, expect to see battles heat up over how the massive amounts of water can be repurposed.


Next Napa Valley? The Cañon City area is hoping wineries can lead to an agricultural renaissance

Changes to Fremont County’s zoning code made it easier for farms growing grapes and apples to open cideries and wineries in the town of Penrose


Parked: Colorado towns are taking action to preserve their remaining mobile-home parks

Cities, counties and housing authorities in Colorado are buying mobile home parks to spare them from market-rate redevelopment


Fish ladders and boat chutes part of a massive dam rebuild on the Arkansas River

In the process of rebuilding a diversion to get river water to thirsty cities, Colorado Springs and Aurora collaborated with wildlife, environmental and recreational interests for ambitious infrastructure upgrade


Cañon City falls short in TV small-town makeover contest

After making the finals, Cañon City officials and business owners said they believed being in the competition gave the town a boost that will help it keep moving forward -- regardless of whether they won


Cañon City seeks a makeover to become a destination, not just a drive-through prison town

New businesses, outdoor recreation options and a dose of town pride has residents hoping more tourists will stop and stay in the historic town.

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