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Alec Garnett

Alec Garnett

Here’s what to expect as the Colorado legislature starts its 2021 lawmaking term with a “soft open”

The General Assembly plans to consider at least nine bills in a three-day session before adjourning the lawmaking to Feb. 16

Colorado lawmakers promise enrollment drop won’t hurt school funding

Colorado school districts reported a 3.3% overall enrollment decline this year, as well as decreases in the number of students eligible for subsidized lunches, a measure of poverty. Both numbers influence school funding.

Colorado legislature will delay its full 2021 return until at least February because of coronavirus

The legislature was originally set to reconvene for the 2021 lawmaking term on Jan. 13

Colorado governor unveils new coronavirus restrictions aimed at preventing lockdowns

Coronavirus is running so rampant in many counties -- including Denver, Adams and Jefferson -- they should already be locked down under metrics defining the state’s old dial system.

Colorado lawmakers will return for special session to address coronavirus relief

Gov. Jared Polis wants lawmakers to take immediate action on elements of his $1.3 billion stimulus package that includes relief for restaurant owners and other small businesses

Colorado Democrats debate need for diversity in selecting their statehouse leadership

The debate among Democrats in the House and Senate reflected the heightened importance of diversity within the Democratic Party following a summer of social unrest around race and police abuse

Democrats hold their majorities at Colorado Capitol but GOP blunts a second blue wave

The next legislative session will look different, and the conversation is sure to focus on addressing the economic fallout from coronavirus

Coloradans continue to up the ante on their sports bets. So why did tax revenues plummet?

The state’s fledgling industry will experience some volatility, experts say, as the deluge of new operators entice customers with virtually risk-free, and non-taxable, bets

Democrats dominate campaign fundraising and spend big to build majority in the Colorado legislature

A Republican leadership rift is hurting fundraising and one lawmaker blames a “serious strategic error” for some of the troubles

Rewrite of Gallagher Amendment repeal explanation in Colorado’s state-issued voter guide leads to lawsuit

“Protect Our Homes Colorado,” which opposes Amendment B, has filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the printing of the so-called blue book until changes are made

With big sports back, Colorado’s betting scene exploded with $59 million in pent-up wagers

A serious bettor takes us through the shutdown and bounce back, while the state’s new sportsbooks flood the market with online deals and a nod to retail operations

Colorado’s red flag gun law was used 73 times in its first 7 months. Here’s how the rollout has gone.

Denver County saw the highest number of red flag cases at 25. El Paso and Jefferson counties were tied for second with eight cases each.

Chaos and compromise: Colorado’s coronavirus legislative session ends with a flurry of big bills

Democrats compromised with business groups, the governor and Republicans to push policies forward and tackle an unprecedented three-week lawmaking term

10 major issues being decided in the final hours of Colorado’s 2020 legislative session

State lawmakers have been busy in the final days of an odd, abbreviated lawmaking term. Here are the big-ticket items that you’ll want to know about.

Republicans stopped Colorado’s vaccine bill last year with delay tactics. Will they work again?

GOP lawmakers in the Colorado House launched an effort Friday to protest, and potentially even prevent, the measure’s passage. Democrats are signaling they will hold fast on a rule designed to boost vaccination rates.

Democrats approve rule to allow lawmakers to avoid Colorado Capitol, cast votes remotely during coronavirus

Republicans oppose the change in rules and argued lawmakers should show up, regardless of the risk

Colorado lawmakers set date for return, hoping the worst of the coronavirus will pass

The suspended legislative session will resume May 18 but legislative budget writers will get started sooner

Colorado Capitol shutdown imminent as lawmakers prepare must-pass legislation

The legislature is scrambling to pass a bill that would preserve the Democratic and Republican primary process without forcing scores of people to gather in the coming weeks for county assemblies

Colorado vowed to end the waitlist for an adult disability program by 2020. Nearly 3,000 people are still waiting.

The Medicaid program provides 24/7 care for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The average wait is currently eight years.

Where’s the line between political speech and credible threats? A Colorado bill is asking the question.

A bipartisan measure to make it a felony to threaten or harass an elected official is running into stiff resistance at the Capitol

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