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Colorado’s “red flag” gun bill makes its debut. Here’s how it compares to other states.

Democratic state lawmakers are introducing a “red flag” gun bill on Thursday, legislation that would allow a Colorado judge to order the firearms of a person deemed a risk to themselves or others to be temporarily seized. The measure is expected to be among the most hotly debated at the Capitol this year, piggybacking off […]

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The top 10 issues to watch in Colorado’s 2019 legislative session

The new Democratic majority at the state Capitol is poised to make significant policy shifts in Colorado after four years of stalemate in a divided General Assembly. The party’s complete grip on the levers of power will move different issues to the forefront and put Republicans — who had held the state Senate since 2015 […]

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A “red flag” bill will return in the Democrat-controlled Colorado legislature. But what about other gun-control laws?

Democrats will enter the 2019 legislative session in complete control at the state Capitol. But despite the issue of tightening gun controls taking top billing in the midterm campaign, party leaders are so far signaling that their agenda will focus on just one measure: the so-called red flag bill. That measure, which would allow Colorado […]

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The new Democratic majority in Colorado needs money for their ambitious agenda. Here’s where they could find it.

The paramount challenge Democrats face as they take full control of Colorado state government next year: the gap between the ambitious agenda they promised voters and the limited money they have to spend. In interviews with The Colorado Sun, top Democratic lawmakers say they’re already brainstorming ideas big and small to close that gap — including […]

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The takeaway from Amendment 73’s defeat: Voters won’t throw money into a broken school finance system

Voters rejected a 10-digit ask for new money for education this week, the third failed attempt at raising taxes for schools in the past eight years. Amendment 73 — which would have raised $1.6 billion for schools on top of the $11.7 billion they get now — went down 45 percent to 55 percent in […]

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House Democratic leaders urged state Rep. Jovan Melton to resign last week after learning of past domestic violence charges against him. Melton told them no.

The top Democrats in the Colorado House of Representatives say they urged state Rep. Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, to resign soon after they were informed last week about domestic violence charges he faced years before he was elected. Melton told leadership he would not step down. House Majority Leader KC Becker said House leadership learned of […]