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Downtown Denver is starving for people. When will they come back?

In the mid-to-late 1980s, when downtown Denver largely emptied out after 5 p.m., a diminishing influx of workers headed for the outskirts of the city and its burgeoning suburbs for shopping and nightlife amid sprawling new malls. A recession left skyscrapers with a 30% office vacancy rate. A now-defunct federal agency liquidated one office building […]

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Panhandlers in Denver make an average of $10 per hour, on par with minimum wage. Dogs help, kids not so much.

Panhandling with children backfires. Dogs, though, rake in the money. And young men who are on a date are more likely to hand over a five-dollar bill than young men walking the 16th Street Mall alone.  Those observations were among several noted by researcher Francisco Conejo, a University of Colorado Denver business instructor who spent […]

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The people’s projector: Denver’s D&F Tower converted to artists’ canvas by “Night Lights” installation

“Night Lights Denver,” a vibrant new feature of downtown’s night-life, is alternately playful, beautiful, weird and wonderful. It is undeniably eye-catching. And it’s free. The public art taking over one side of the D&F Tower, an experimental effort of the Denver Theatre District, is funded by outdoor advertising elsewhere in the 16-block district. It’s a […]

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On your left! Here comes another attempt to get scooters off the sidewalks

Scooters, get off the sidewalk. It makes sense to pedestrians and scooter riders alike that the electric scooters zipping around Colorado ought to use bike lanes instead of dodging people on sidewalks. But in fact, state law says it’s illegal for them to drive in the street. The electric two-wheelers that top out at about […]