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Joanne Ostrow

Special to The Colorado Sun

Denver Art Museum shakes off the stuffiness as it unveils a $150 million, forward-looking overhaul 

The Martin Building has been “reimagined,” curators say, in an overhaul that unites three museum structures as a campus. It reopens to the public with a free day on Oct. 24.


Philanthropic angels rescue some Colorado arts groups, but most still struggle under coronavirus

Online performance and events don’t feel the same, but some organizations say they’re buoying attendance to about 90% of that in non-pandemic times.


Some of Colorado’s conservative talk radio stations are turning down the volume on “rigged election” claims

Cumulus Media orders stations to “help induce national calm,” but some question whether the move is driven by a fear of business blowback


In southwest Colorado, high tech plays in the mud to produce ecologically sound architecture — and art

Combining age-old materials like adobe with the wonders of 3D printing, two California-based artists create museum-worthy homes


Opinion: How have the media performed during this longest presidential term in our lifetimes? And what lessons were learned?

The test will be in the homestretch of the election, when weary reporters will tap reserves to ID -- and perhaps prevent -- any malfeasance around the vote count.

Opinion Columns

Denver lands CARNE y ARENA, a powerful immersive, virtual reality experience about refugees

Filmmaker Alejandro Iñárritu collected the stories of refugees and guards, using VR goggles to share the very real anguish and terror of surreptitious crossings of the southern border


Can government investment in the arts help lift Colorado, the U.S. out of the economy’s coronavirus slump?

In light of the pandemic and resulting unemployment for creative workers, more than a few influential arts advocates have floated the idea of a New Deal for the arts.


Coronavirus killed 59,179 arts jobs in Colorado and crippled key economic and cultural engines. Can they be revived?

Local philanthropists are working on grants to support artists, venues and groups. But one study suggests reviving a massive, national New Deal-like program.


Colorado theater companies are clinging to life and worry coronavirus will mean shows cannot go on

Some 60% of the arts groups supported by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District are only moderately or not at all confident that they will survive


Rauschenberg show at Museum of Outdoor Arts invites viewers to reflect, literally

“Reflections and Ruminations,” the first solo exhibition of Robert Rauschenberg’s work in Colorado since 1981, focuses on the “combines” that integrated painting, sculpture and found objects.


The people’s projector: Denver’s D&F Tower converted to artists’ canvas by “Night Lights” installation

Animations will roll over the 16th Street Mall landmark in “permanent” installation designed to spark thought provoking moments for as long as a decade.


David Byrne is building a neuroscience-powered hall of mirrors somewhere in Denver

The world premiere of the project from the Talking Heads frontman and the Denver Center's Off-Center will blend immersive virtual reality in a warehouse show


“A Doll’s House” times two: DCPA Theatre Company experiments with epic-length production

Ibsen’s classic and a sequel written 140 years later staged together allows viewers to toggle between time periods and consider the social progress of women


Oliver Herring: From MOMA, the Guggenheim and the Hirshhorn to … Auraria?

The world renowned collaborative artist is bringing a 31-day experiment to a tiny gallery at the University of Colorado Denver because he says “art should be accessible”


Colorado theater companies use drama and satire to confront racism without flinching

“Pass Over,” “Flame Broiled” aren’t easy plays, and you’ll hear the n-word, as Curious and Local Theatre take race head on


From “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” to a comic book baron: Denver’s scene is a lesson in drag diversity

Yvie Oddly, 25, and Bettie Pages, 64, celebrate the liberating craft of self-expression that is drag, then and now -- everything from dirty street punk to classic glam


A Colorado filmmaker’s camera is rolling as women of color fight for a voice in Denver politics

In “Running With My Girls,” Denver’s Rebekah Henderson hopes to imitate the success of the progressive political film that captured the charismatic candidacy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


From Tinkertoys to avocado greens: Denver Art Museum show presents play as a serious form of inspiration

Furnishings designers represented in "Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America" infused their work with playfulness and whimsy. Was it a reaction to Cold War-era anxiety?


An intimate improv rendezvous with an actor? A new Denver interactive performance draws you out — if you let it

These experiments in interpersonal connection in the Denver Center’s Off-Center production “Between Us” also are not for cynics


“It’s succeeded beyond our expectations”: Adam Lerner, MCA Denver’s chief animator, is leaving at a high point

Adam Lerner is a high-brow academic with a playful side, which allowed him to cultivate a new generation of museumgoers, sometimes at the expense of traditional supporters. About 10,000 teens visited MCA Denver in 2017.

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