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Rural electric co-ops get shocking estimates of the cost to break up with Tri-State Generation

Nine members of Tri-State asked what they’d have to pay to leave the association. Now they want to know the formula used to calculate the bills.


Colorado AFL-CIO will withhold donations to Democratic campaign committees through May 2022, saying unions have been “excluded”

“We need the Colorado Democratic Party to treat us like authentic partners,” Colorado AFL-CIO Executive Director Dennis Dougherty wrote in a letter to fellow labor leaders

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Colorado just released a big report on how cannabis legalization is going. Here’s what it found.

As expected, marijuana-related arrests are down and tax revenue is up, but other trends are less clear.


Two new medical schools are opening in Montana. But does the western U.S. really need them?

Rocky Vista University, which has a campus in Colorado, is one of two organizations planning new Montana medical schools. People who provide hands-on experiences for students worry the state doesn't have enough clinical opportunities to support the flood of new students.


What’s Working: As federal unemployment ends in 7 weeks, Colorado businesses are optimistic about their pandemic recovery

Department of Labor reveals how many unemployment accounts are on hold, businesses still struggle to find workers and a CU business school report finds that sales are back to pre-pandemic levels at half of businesses surveyed


Colorado business chambers prepared for the worst during coronavirus. It turns out things weren’t so bad.

Rampant business closures did not happen among members of local business chambers. Some say membership rose as businesses received federal aid and looked for help weathering the COVID storm.


Here’s how much money Colorado’s new nicotine, increased cigarette taxes generated in their first 5 months

Proposition EE, which was passed by voters in November and made the taxation changes, went into effect in January, raising the taxes on a pack of cigarettes to $1.94 from 84 cents

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Leading U.S. Senate Democrats are pushing for federal marijuana legalization. A Colorado-led cannabis banking bill could be collateral.

The marijuana legalization push comes as Colorado's U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, an Arvada Democrat, has been working for years to grant the legal marijuana industry access to banking through the SAFE Banking Act

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Billionaire Phil Anschutz and his wife are suing Colorado for a tax refund. How much they want is a secret.

Anschutz and his wife, Nancy, claim that changes in the federal tax code made through the CARES Act entitle them to lower taxes in previous years

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Colorado mountain towns say they can’t handle any more tourists amid labor, housing crises

Colorado tourism cheerleaders hasten their transition from destination marketing to management as resort town locals call for more housing and less promotion.


An oil company that no longer exists faces a $344,000 fine Colorado doesn’t expect to collect. But that’s the point.

COGCC spent four years chasing a rogue oil company that left a mess in Huerfano County. Levying a fine it can’t collect lets the state grab a bond posted by Alta Mesa Resources to do the clean up.


Colorado wants to add EV chargers to rest areas, but the federal government is blocking the road

Solving the problem of range anxiety is key to getting Colorado drivers to switch to electric vehicles and it would help to have chargers at interstate highway rest areas. The statehopes the new $715 billion transportation bill will get federal rules prohibiting them out of the way.


What’s Working: When a 6% unemployment rate feels like 2.5% — is there a labor shortage in Colorado?

Plus: Job perks and flexible schedules point to employers doing more to attract workers; the PUA reset; housing crises on Western Slope; and Colorado Jumpstart pays $4.1 million to the newly employed


Seven Peaks Festival pulls out of Buena Vista after county declines to raise its 5,000-person capacity cap

Live Nation sold more than 6,000 tickets for the event before Chaffee County commissioners had reviewed or approved the concert promoter’s permit


White River forest chief sticks with controversial route for road to future mansions despite wildfire, wildlife concerns

Both the developer and wildlife advocates oppose the road accessing the inholding — but for different reasons


Minturn wrestles with the decade-old promises of a big-dream developer

In 2008, resort developer Bobby Ginn offered Minturn residents $162 million in perks if they annexed his mountaintop project, which he never built. So what about those million-dollar promises?


Judge rejects mining company lawsuit over contested Glenwood Springs quarry


Fort Collins planners, worried about Poudre River impacts, reject Northern Water’s plan for 3-mile pipeline through the city

Rejection of the NISP pipeline is yet another skirmish in a series of water and pipeline battles playing out in the northern Front Range.


If you’re an Xcel Energy customer, you’re getting a “smart meter” that will charge more for electricity used during peak periods

All 1.6 million Xcel Energy customers in Colorado will transition to time-of-use billing, which is intended to encourage people to reduce consumption during certain times of day.


Colorado sees claims for unemployment benefits double in June. Officials suspect fraud.

State steps up review of fraud as 26 other states end some or all federal unemployment benefits early. Colorado labor officials believe the increase is from folks in those other states.

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