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Lauren Boebert’s Shooters Grill restaurant closes after landlord refused to renew the lease

Boebert said she and her husband were praying and planning to continue the Shooters brand, culture, name and presence on Rifle’s Third Street

Politics and Government

Vote on Spirit, Frontier merger is postponed, again

A vote on the deal had been scheduled for Friday. Spirit said Wednesday that the vote is now scheduled for July 27, two weeks away.


Colorado’s legislative efforts are not enough to solve its Front Range ozone problem

Laws dealing with diesel buses, emissions notifications and free public transit during months when ground-level ozone is worst won't do much to improve air quality, experts say


Frontier Airlines says it lacks the votes for Spirit merger

Frontier Airlines is asking for another potential delay in the vote


Welcome to Kush, Colorado, the new Napa Valley of weed if one entrepreneur has his way

Marijuana innovator Mike Biggio, co-owner of Area 420 cannabis business park, is trying to change Moffat’s name to Kush. Many locals are not on board.


Utah crude trains could be rolling through Colorado after Forest Service denies objections to new rail line

The Uinta Basin Railroad would connect northeast Utah oil fields with the national rail network to transport 5 billion gallons of crude a year to Gulf Coast refineries


San Luis Valley potato growers can finally sell in major Mexican cities. But do they trust the potato politics?

Colorado politicians are celebrating new rules allowing potato sales in the Mexican interior. Potato farmers, though, have been burned before.


Denver’s Convergence Station could be the second Meow Wolf location to unionize

Full-time workers at the high-traffic immersive art installation say they began to organize after Meow Wolf cut their hours just enough to put benefits at risk


Colorado oil and gas companies said a 2019 state law would destroy them. That didn’t happen. But here’s what did.

Colorado oil and gas regulators applying the new rules set by Senate Bill 181 have plans for 1,900 wells to consider so far this year, some are already approved.


VIDEO: How environmental, social and governance criteria influences investing and the culture of business

The Colorado Sun presents a panel discussion explaining what ESG investing is, and how individuals and institutions applying the criteria


Only 3 employers have been fined for violating Colorado’s new wage transparency law. But there’s still plenty of confusion.

Colorado companies should know by now they must disclose salaries in job listings, but less-publicized elements of the law are still causing mishaps


Old practices, new frontiers: The revival of a shuttered drive-in starts a bold experiment in southern Colorado

Out-of-the-box thinkers are finding fertile ground in the San Luis Valley, where local economies have remained largely stagnant for more than a century despite explosive growth in neighboring mountain valleys


Colorado-designed Capstone satellite breaks from orbit around Earth, heads to moon

The tiny Capstone satellite is designed to take a new orbit around the moon and the data it collects will be used to help design the next crewed mission to the moon.


What’s Working: As recession concerns grow, Colorado building permits are on the rise

The state still has challenges with housing inventory. Plus: Roommates, home sharing and business pessimism blamed on inflation


Aspen City Council limits short-term rentals, imposes fees on home construction and eases path for affordable housing

The “aggressive” regulation of Aspen’s home construction aims to collar a market that has priced out everyone but the uber-rich and protect community over commodity


A Denver fund is fighting to keep attention on racial inequities in the metro area

But in an instant and virtual world, where attention spans are short, it can be challenging to keep the level of focus needed to close persistent gaps


How a Colorado McDonald’s weathered the Great Resignation with fiesta-themed birthday parties

To attract employees, one McDonald’s franchisee has done everything from holding fiesta-themed birthday parties for workers to allowing them flexibility to choose their hours


Colorado gives oil and gas company 6 more months to clean up its act. If not, KP Kauffman faces nearly $1 million in fines — or worse.

The commission levied a $2 million fine, but deferred payment of all but $795,000 on the condition that the Denver-based oil and gas company properly clean up 74 sites


Mystery solved: That secretive solar farm in western Colorado? It’s officially a crypto mine.

After China banned crypto mining in 2021, miners have been scrambling to find new homes in rural areas across the U.S.


Colorado ranches are trying to survive. The solution is selling more than beef, preserving land for more than cattle.

Ranchlands, which leases the Chico Basin Ranch southeast of Colorado Springs from the state land board, is finding other ways to make money

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