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Colorado’s coronavirus test positivity rate, a crucial metric, may be off

The measurement doesn’t include all COVID-19 tests performed in the state, and that’s not the only recent data challenge health officials have faced


A half-million Coloradans have already signed up for the state’s new coronavirus-tracking notification tool

The app, called Exposure Notifications, works only on smartphones, leaving out at least 19% of the state


“We expect an active fire”: Weather is forecast to fuel East Troublesome fire on Friday

The fire grew by about 45,000 to 50,000 acres on Thursday to become Colorado's second largest recorded blaze at 170,000 acres. It is just 5% contained.


A phone app that will tell you if you’ve been exposed to coronavirus is about to launch in Colorado. Here’s how to use it.

The app, called Exposure Notification, will be available starting on Sunday, Oct. 25


Coronavirus is a historic health crisis. So why isn’t it increasing Colorado health insurance prices?

In regulatory filings with the state, insurance carriers keep using the same word: Uncertainty


Colorado has had coronavirus spikes before. Here’s why the current one could be different.

Rising numbers of hospitalizations. Cooler weather. Upcoming holidays. This is not the trajectory the state wants to be on right now.


Five charts that show where 2020 ranks in Colorado wildfire history

Before 2002, Colorado never had a 100,000-acre wildfire. Now it has its first 200,000-acre fire.


Shooting amid Denver protests leaves man dead; 9News security guard detained as suspect

Videos taken at the scene just outside of the Denver Art Museum showed a confrontation in a crowd of people followed by a single gunshot being fired

Crime and Courts

Colorado unveils draft plan for who will get a coronavirus vaccine first

Health care workers get early priority, but there likely won’t even be enough doses to vaccinate all of them right away


You need a flu shot this year. Here’s a guide to help you find one in Colorado.

Health officials are urging everyone to get a flu vaccine this year to limit the strain on hospitals from a potential flu-coronavirus double whammy


Jared Polis wishes Trump a full recovery, but says White House “didn’t have strong enough precautions”

The Colorado governor says the president’s infection shows the need for mask-wearing and social distancing


PCR? Antigen? Antibody? Your guide to the different kinds of coronavirus tests and how accurate they are

As new varieties of rapid COVID-19 tests hit the market, knowing which test tells you what is becoming even more important


A huge number of Coloradans already say they won’t get a coronavirus vaccine. Will politics make it worse?

Liberals are most likely to say they will get vaccinated, but distrust of the Trump administration could change that


Coronavirus has caused significant mental health strain in Colorado — for some more than others

A new survey from the Colorado Health Foundation shows sharp divisions based on race, income and political affiliation


Six months after Colorado’s first coronavirus case, here’s how we compare to other states

Colorado health officials say they have learned a lot about fighting COVID-19 -- and have a lot more to learn


Colorado’s coronavirus cases are back under control, but could Labor Day and school reopenings cause a new spike?

The latest modeling data in Colorado shows problems ahead if Labor Day celebrations are like those for the Fourth of July


Here’s how Cory Gardner’s bill would and wouldn’t protect people with preexisting conditions

The Affordable Care Act already safeguards people from being charged more for health insurance based on medical history, and Gardner’s bill contains none of the usual features of legislation

Politics and Government

Months before its arrival, Colorado tries to answer the question: Who should get the coronavirus vaccine first?

The priority system will depend on a number of factors that doctors and scholars can’t yet assess


Hispanic, Black Coloradans have been disproportionately hospitalized because of coronavirus

White Coloradans, meanwhile, are proportionately underrepresented in case counts, hospitalizations and deaths.


Denver doctors may have found the answer to a pandemic mystery: What happened to all the heart attacks?

A new study looks at the number of cardiac arrest deaths occurring at home in the time of coronavirus, comparing the stay-at-home period to prior months

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