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Laura Pritchett: Over the Gunnison Valley, airplanes and acronyms converged

Three things are true:  One: I crush on my birth state and forever state of Colorado.  Two: I do not crush on acronyms. I loathe them. I loathe them because they generally signal something suspiciously complicated; meetings with too many acronyms make me want a whiskey.  Three: Yet I crush on my job shepherding students […]

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20 years of planning saved Rocky Mountain National Park from the worst of the East Troublesome fire. It will take 20 more to fix the damage.

Early on the morning of Oct. 23, Mike Lewelling stood at the Forest Canyon Overlook on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park and stared 2,500 feet down into what he called a cauldron of fire and swirling wood smoke.  The East Troublesome fire had Lewelling, the park’s fire management officer for 15 years, […]

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Off-highway vehicles are revving up locals (in a bad way) in Colorado’s remote mountain towns

When Teri Havens bought two acres tucked in a thick stand of aspen on a hill south of Marble in 1995, it was her bit of backcountry nirvana.  Yes, it sat along a popular jeeping trail  ̶  a county road leading to the historic Lead King Loop. But she could live with four-wheel-drive vehicles jouncing […]

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Opinion: Let’s act now to protect Colorado’s desert wildlands. The ball is in our senators’ court.

Colorado is blessed with an abundance of wild and remote public lands, free for the exploration and enjoyment by any and all. Among these are some of the most spectacular and undeveloped canyons and mesas of the Colorado Plateau, the lesser-known cousins of Utah’s famously renowned canyonlands. Now, after decades awaiting congressional scrutiny and action, […]

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Of whoopie pies and wilderness, and how isolation robbed me of my ability to focus

Here’s the thing about whoopie pies: They aren’t that good. Never were. The official Maine State Treat is a century-old tradition with a similar shelf life. Made mostly of sugar, flour, lard, and cocoa, they live somewhere between a cookie and a cake and are decidedly not pies. They are ubiquitous at the check-out counters […]