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It took volunteers 8 days to wrangle 6 abandoned horses from Colorado’s rugged backcountry near Dolores

DOLORES – While many were ringing in the New Year, a team of volunteers in Dolores and Montezuma counties were engaged in an eight-day effort to save horses abandoned in the backcountry of southwest Colorado. The Dolores County Sheriff’s office received a call Jan. 1 from a remote subdivision near Groundhog Reservoir reporting that six […]

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Of whoopie pies and wilderness, and how isolation robbed me of my ability to focus

Here’s the thing about whoopie pies: They aren’t that good. Never were. The official Maine State Treat is a century-old tradition with a similar shelf life. Made mostly of sugar, flour, lard, and cocoa, they live somewhere between a cookie and a cake and are decidedly not pies. They are ubiquitous at the check-out counters […]

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Even with orange juice, the coronavirus has turned my thought process into a baggage carousel

Outside my closed, local gym, there sits a box of oranges and lemons. The sign, scribbled in pen on a flap of the cardboard, says “Virus-free fruit. Help yourself.” There’s a plastic bag containing other plastic bags. Another message that says, “if you are taking the last of them, please throw away the box.” Do […]