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University of Denver

University of Denver
University of Denver

All the cool Colorado universities and colleges have one: a mountain campus

The University of Denver is the latest higher education institution in Colorado to open a mountain campus. CU, CSU and Colorado College have had them for decades.


Opinion: On Memorial Day, let’s remember the thousands of unclaimed veterans not yet buried

As a student, learning about the staggering numbers of forgotten veterans has impacted me deeply.

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Grocery stores where you don’t have to check out? The University of Denver just got them.

They’re some of the first checkoutless grocery stores on college campuses in the nation


Pueblo’s steel mill is an American success story. And it’s owned by Russians.

Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has brought new attention to the mill’s 2007 sale to Evraz, one of Russia’s largest steel and mining companies


Silverman: My Valentine’s Day ode to a beloved Colorado library

The University of Colorado's law library and others risk becoming afterthoughts in an era of online learning

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How programs across Colorado aim to end “period poverty” with free tampons and pads

People who menstruate sometimes find themselves choosing between buying food and paying for hygiene products. Schools and charities are trying to change that equation.


Colorado will allow four-year colleges to grant associates degrees to those who dropped out

Colorado is believed to be one the first to put into place a statewide law like this


Federal appeals court revives former DU student’s claim that anti-male bias led to his expulsion

The lawsuit, which was first filed in August 2017 after a sexual assault claim was brought against the student, now heads back to a federal district court


Opinion: Will COVID-19 kill the American Dream and help make collectivism the norm?

The village of the future is taking shape before our eyes. Guided by the lessons of this pandemic, we can shape our homes and neighborhoods to withstand the next inevitable crisis.

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Colorado ends “legacy admissions” for public colleges and universities, SAT/ACT requirement

The bill prohibits public higher education officials from looking at “legacy preference,” or familial relationships to alumni of the institution.


Opinion: As media professors surveying Colorado’s local-news landscape, we have good news and bad news

The fight to save local news will have profound implications for the future of our democracy. There is a winding road ahead.

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Opinion: The Biden and Polis preschool plans are important steps forward for Colorado families, but they won’t fix all child care problems

As scholars who study child care and women’s labor — and as mothers of young children — we know how difficult it has been for mothers to juggle work and child care during this pandemic.

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Opinion: Stimulus funds should support Colorado students in need at both public and private colleges

It is shortsighted to think that the private higher-education institutions we lead do not serve the same student demographics as our public counterparts.

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Opinion: We need safer air in Colorado’s schools — but let’s be careful how we get there

Investments in indoor air quality can dramatically improve health for students, teachers, and school staff for the rest of this pandemic and the next generation.

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Black, Hispanic people disadvantaged in Denver courts, study of felony cases shows

No racial disparities were found in plea agreements. But more Black people faced charges that Denver prosecutors later found there was not enough evidence to support.

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Opinion: In a crisis, mutual aid steps in when governments fall short

We can start by creating systems of collective care that make the sharing of social capital and resources the norm.

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Opinion: Why too few Black women and girls report sexual violence

As we strive to prevent and end sexual violence, we must start by interacting with survivors in a supportive, empathetic, and trauma-informed manner.

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Opinion: When allegations of sexual assault and harassment emerge, institutions need to take action

Universities and other institutions must take prompt action to support survivors who disclose and work to end sexual violence. We should expect no less.

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Opinion: Reinstating pollution restrictions will benefit mental health, too

If safeguards are not reinstated — and, ideally, tightened — we risk repeating horrors we’ve already seen when oversight is eliminated or compromised.

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Some of Colorado’s conservative talk radio stations are turning down the volume on “rigged election” claims

Cumulus Media orders stations to “help induce national calm,” but some question whether the move is driven by a fear of business blowback

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