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Colorado’s coronavirus deaths haven’t yet spiked as cases have. Health leaders say that’s not a reason for complacency.

As coronavirus cases and hospitalizations due to the virus reach record heights in Colorado, there is one metric so far resisting the same kind of upward pull. Deaths among people infected with COVID-19 have begun to rise again in recent weeks, but they are so far nowhere near the peaks of earlier this year. Data […]

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Opinion: WHO cuts will lead to maternal and childhood deaths across the world

If President Trump cuts ties with the World Health Organization (WHO), our country will effectively walk away from long-standing commitments to the world’s most vulnerable mothers and children.   The WHO doesn’t just deal with infectious diseases and pandemics.  Reducing childbirth deaths and childhood mortality has always been a major WHO focus.  In fact, the Center […]

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Anxieties familiar and new persist for Coloradans living with disabilities during coronavirus

Take what you know about the complications and hurdles COVID-19 has thrown into most Colorado lives since March. Then imagine navigating all that while living with a significant disability, and multiply what you were thinking by many times more. The family of Bennett Lewis, 19, knows they have been fortunate to keep their developmentally delayed […]

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Colorado hospitals are preparing their doctors and nurses for an all-hands-on-deck coronavirus fight

As Colorado hospitals prepare for a possible surge of patients infected with the new coronavirus, they are planning to shuffle doctors and nurses who normally practice in such specialties as obstetrics, family medicine and gynecology into the emergency department to keep up with the need. Centura Health put a call out to all of its […]

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From rationing masks to polishing emergency plans, here’s how Colorado hospitals are preparing for the coronavirus

You’ve probably seen them in a feverish haze as you’ve lumbered toward your doctor’s waiting room — little boxes of face masks, set out to help you shield your coughing. The boxes are there to make it easy for sick patients to practice what medical folks call “respiratory etiquette.” But, in an age of coronavirus […]

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These employees survived the Planned Parenthood shooting. They say the organization could have done more to help them.

Cristina Jiminez, assistant manager of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, felt the “warm whisper” of a bullet passing by her head as she hid on the floor of a bathroom during a gunman’s five-hour rampage in 2015.  Lindsey Raymond, a health center assistant, holed up in a room with a patient she’d never […]

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Colorado hospitals just avoided tens of millions of dollars in federal funding cuts — but it might not last

In what is becoming a near-monthly escape, Colorado hospitals last week narrowly avoided getting hit with tens of millions of dollars in federal funding cuts. But the victory comes with a catch — they have to do it all over again next month. The cuts would come from what are called “disproportionate share payments,” which […]

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Denver-area hospitals made a record $2 billion in profits in 2018, according to a new report

For 25 years, health care analyst Allan Baumgarten has been studying the hospital market in Colorado, and his new report will show something it never has before: Denver-area hospitals surged past the $2 billion mark in profits in 2018. The 27 metro-area hospitals Baumgarten includes in his report made just over $2 billion in pre-tax […]