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Colorado teachers earn 36% less than other college-educated workers, the worst gap in the country

Teacher pay has long trailed behind other professions requiring a college degree, and in Colorado that pay gap is widest of any state, according to a report published last week by the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit think tank that identifies itself as nonpartisan. Colorado teachers earn 35.9% less than other college-educated workers, […]

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Zornio: It’s not a teacher shortage, it’s a respect and salary shortage

Last year, a survey by the Colorado Education Association found that 40% of licensed teachers statewide were considering leaving the profession. Among the chief complaints were safety concerns, heavy workloads and low pay. It should come as no surprise, then, that the 2022-23 school year would bring a myriad of headaches for administrators attempting to […]

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Bus assistants, language interpreters and other support staff — in short supply at Colorado schools — are seeking unions and better pay

Carolina Galvan nears the outer edge of her dream each time she steps into her classroom at Valdez Elementary School in Denver. She wants to be a teacher with her own classroom of students, but since she was unable to finish the schooling required to earn a teacher’s license, her role as a paraprofessional sets […]

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“Everybody has a second job”: Low pay leaves rural Colorado teachers struggling

It was November, and Casey Cunningham had a decision to make: She could pay her car registration or buy holiday gifts.   Cunningham was already delinquent on her student loan payments. After shelling out for her rent, car and utilities, she was left with less than $1,000 to cover all of her other expenses. The third-grade […]

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Opinion: The state has collected more money than it legally can spend. Let’s invest some of it in teachers

If not now, when?  If not us, who?  Those are the questions that compelled us to action. As public-school graduates, parents and advocates, the two of us agreed earlier this year to be the proponents for a proposed citizens ballot initiative that would set aside certain revenues already collected by the state to be used […]

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Teacher pay in rural Colorado would be set at a minimum of $40,000 under a new proposal. Will the legislature support it?

Malcolm Lovejoy’s high school in Campo hasn’t had a math teacher since he was a freshman. The rural school was able to finally hire a math teacher this school year, Lovejoy said. But the 17-year-old senior feels very behind in his math skills. And adding to concerns about his education, this year the high school’s […]

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Colorado lawmakers are creating a fund to raise teacher pay. But they’re not putting any money in it.

When teachers descend on the Colorado Capitol to demand pay raises, they’re often met with a common refrain from state lawmakers: Talk to your districts. That’s because it’s not the legislature that holds the purse strings when it comes to teacher pay. The General Assembly may send millions of dollars to districts, but it’s up […]

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Opinion: As Colorado’s teachers reach a breaking point, we must better fund our schools

When I read reports last month of a Colorado Education Association survey, my response was similar to reacting to a red flag warning, a level-purple COVID-19 alert, and an extreme avalanche warning combined. Alarm and worry.   The survey found that 40% of the educator union’s licensed-teacher members are considering leaving the profession after the 2020-21 […]