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Scientists want Coloradans to turn off their lights to help migrating birds

While you slept over the weekend, an estimated 9.5 million birds took to Colorado’s sky. During the peak of this spring songbird migration period, over 350 million birds fly over the continent each night, pursuing the rush of tasty bugs and warm weather that comes with spring, the resources and conditions necessary to raise their […]

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All state parks in Colorado will get electric vehicle charging stations in deal with EV maker Rivian

Electric vehicle maker Rivian will put public charging stations in every state park at no cost to the state, with the first installations planned for July, after the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission unanimously approved the proposal.  Backers on the commission and from outside environmental groups said the pact is a fast and worthy step […]

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Opinion: Barrett confirmation hearings evoke different meanings of motherhood

The irony of emphasis on Amy Coney Barrett’s embodiment of conservative Christian motherhood is not lost on me.  Given that the image of a Mother Earth figure has persisted across world cultures in mythology and religion, it is important to examine matriarchal symbolism with Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings highlighting the GOP’s allegiance to selectively […]

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Opinion: Even in a pandemic, how comfortable would you feel about open-source vaccine?

My hands shake as I scroll through the website. Trembling thumbs do not inspire confidence. I hardly have the steadiness to text effectively under pressure, let alone to “aliquot” homemade inoculant “into sterile capped microfuge” in order to complete a hot-off-the-internet, open-source COVID-19 vaccine recipe.  Come to think of it, my performance in undergraduate chemistry […]

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Opinion: The Great American Outdoors Act drew bipartisan back-patting. But what are we celebrating?

Picture this: a caricature of former President Richard Nixon doing dangerous motorcycle stunts in the mountains of New Mexico, wearing a leather jacket embroidered with “Eco-Warrior” across the back. I call it “Tricky Dick Irony.” Nothing felt more ironic than learning that Nixon, infamous and unpopular Republican president, wound up being ally and champion in […]