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Colorado hits a new milestone with unaffiliated voters and busts the myth about its even partisan split

To make a case that he can win over a divided nation, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet often points to his home state. “This is a state that is exactly a third Democrat, a third Republican and a third independent,” the Colorado senator says, as he did recently at a town hall in Denver. The […]

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Nicolais: Will Boebert provide the ammunition for Colorado Democrats to take back the third congressional district?

If you wonder why U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner hasn’t tacked to the center before the 2020 election, look no further than Lauren Boebert, the fiery political novice who announced a primary challenge to U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton last week. Boebert’s campaign perfectly encapsulates the reactionary forces that have paralyzed Republican office holders and threaten to […]

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Opinion: Colorado Democrats want a blank check. King Polis needs to clean up this mess.

Irresponsibility ought not to be rewarded with privilege. Neither should incompetence be granted a blank check. Colorado Democrats want both.  In John Frank’s well-researched article, “The Democratic agenda came with a big price tag,” he reveals the fears now realized by the Democrat legislators who passed this ill-advised agenda half-a-year ago. Now, in whispers and […]

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Nicolais: Recall efforts exposed an existential crisis for Colorado Republicans

Following a disastrous week for recall efforts, the Colorado Republican Party finds itself not only in disarray, but in existential crisis. Over the next year the party’s actions will determine if it will have any relevant future in Colorado politics. Recall efforts to date have only laid bare the utter electoral weakness the Republican Party […]

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Nicolais: Will political purity tests catch up to Colorado Democrats?

Before President Trump’s latest incendiary comments diverted the attention of the political media, Democrats in Washington, D.C., appeared to be barreling toward an intra-party showdown between traditional powers and upstart progressives. What happens if Colorado Democrats follow suit? For most of the past two decades, Colorado Democrats have been unified in a sole, all-encompassing mission: […]

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The 2019 legislative session in Colorado explained in 5 graphics

A month after it ended, the 2019 legislative session continues to resonate in Colorado. Democratic lawmakers are cheering, and Gov. Jared Polis is celebrating progress on his campaign promises. Republicans are holding rallies to galvanize opposition and threatening recall elections for their opponents. And major policy shifts are starting to take shape as new laws […]

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Nicolais: Band-Aids won’t save the Colorado Republican Party

By definition, change does not come naturally to conservatives. Putting faith in principles, policies and institutions that have served as the bedrock for our families and communities is canonical for Republicans. Unfortunately for Colorado Republicans, that bedrock seems to have crumbled beneath their feet. When the Colorado Republican State Central Committee meets in a few […]