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Colorado is about to (possibly, maybe, conditionally) adopt permanent daylight saving time

Colorado is on the verge of adopting a law that would make daylight saving time permanent year-round — but that doesn’t necessarily make clock-switching a thing of the past in the state, at least not yet. Last week, the state Senate passed House Bill 1297, meaning it is now headed to Gov. Jared Polis’ desk. […]

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Here’s how Colorado’s unemployed influenced the new federal coronavirus relief bill

Last-minute changes to the federal relief plan passed late Monday aren’t as rosy as some on unemployment had hoped when the proposal made its way through Congress last week. But the new plan, which picks up where the CARES Act ends on Dec. 26, extends jobless benefits for 11 weeks, instead of 16, and has […]

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Colorado legislature figures out how to reinstate extended unemployment benefits that just ended

As a special unemployment benefit ended abruptly over the weekend, the state legislature this week took a stab at bringing it back. The problem was the expiration of the extra 13 weeks of State Extended Benefits, which turn on when the jobless rate goes over 5% and turn off when it falls below 5%. The […]