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Zornio: Colorado’s e-bike rebates could help many of us reduce our carbon footprint, with a smile

As a long-time bike commuter, I’ve easily pedaled thousands of miles over the years. But as much as I love to ride, I’ve always felt a small pang of guilt for falling short in not using my bicycle for all my daily transportation needs. Hopefully, Colorado is about to reduce my carbon footprint with its […]

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How Colorado’s changing climate is putting children’s health at risk

This March, Colorado State Sen. Faith Winter stood at a podium in the State Capitol and spoke to a gathered crowd about reducing the state’s air pollution. After introductions, Winter, Gov. Jared Polis and others unveiled a package of environmental bills that aim to increase access to public transit, build more energy efficient buildings, and construct safe […]

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Colorado lawmakers withdraw bill aimed at removing racial bias in jury selection

A bill aimed at addressing racial bias in how Colorado juries are picked was withdrawn by Democratic state lawmakers after the legislation faced unanimous opposition from the state’s 22 district attorneys.  The measure, Senate Bill 128, would have prohibited attorneys from trying to disqualify a potential juror from service based only on reasons such as […]

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Proposition 119, which would have raised Colorado marijuana taxes to pay for out-of-school learning, fails

Colorado voters on Tuesday rejected a proposal to increase taxes on recreational marijuana to pay for out-of-school support services for students like tutoring and therapy. Supporters of Proposition 119 admitted defeat at about 8:30 p.m. With more than a million ballots counted at 10 p.m., the measure was failing with 54% rejecting the initiative and […]

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Latinos want Colorado’s new congressional and legislative maps to give them influence reflecting their growing numbers

Latino leaders are worried that Colorado’s once-in-a-decade redistricting process will continue to give them the short shrift at the state Capitol and in Congress, even as their community’s share of the population grows to nearly a quarter. The current class of elected state lawmakers includes the largest number of Latino lawmakers in the General Assembly’s […]

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Struggling renters get one more month — likely the last — to postpone monthly rent payment

With thousands of Coloradans still waiting to be approved for — or receive — available rental assistance, some relief came Thursday as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended the national eviction moratorium another month to July 31.  The CDC said this is likely to be the last time it extends the order, which […]

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Colorado cities will be able to require developers to build affordable housing in new rental projects

A 20-year-old court precedent that has blocked Colorado cities and towns from forcing developers to build affordable housing in new rental projects is no more, after Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill into law Friday.  “Communities are strongest when people who work in a community can live in the community, and that’s something that sadly […]

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Democrats advance historic slate of legislation to aid Colorado’s unauthorized immigrants, roll back restrictions

State lawmakers this year are advancing a historic slate of legislation aimed at assisting the estimated nearly 200,000 Coloradans living in the U.S. illegally, including through measures to shield them from federal immigration authorities and granting them access to state-funded benefits and services.  The bills would also remove requirements that people prove legal residency to […]