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Split among Democrats on two major issues comes as Colorado’s legislative session heads into final sprint

Democrat-on-Democrat pushback on two of the party’s major pieces of legislation at the Colorado Capitol this year has delayed the measures ahead of the sprint toward the finish of the 2019 session. A priority bill that would create a state-run parental and family leave program impacting every Colorado employer and employee was temporarily shelved Tuesday […]

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A one-day sentencing reduction for some Colorado crimes would help legal immigrants avoid deportation

Reducing the maximum sentence for some low-level crimes by a single day would help Colorado’s legal immigrants stay off of the federal deportation radar and could lighten the caseload for state and municipal courts. Under current state law, a Class 2 misdemeanor — which includes offenses ranging from criminal mischief to violating the state’s bingo […]

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Colorado lawmakers will consider whether to repeal the death penalty again, as factors align for passage

For the fifth time in a dozen years, Democrats are pushing to abolish the death penalty in Colorado. And as they revive a conversation that has ebbed and flowed at the Capitol for more than a decade,the work appears to have more momentum toward passage than ever before. Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, supports abolition […]

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Jared Polis injected himself into Denver teachers’ strike. Now he needs a way out.

From the steps of the Capitol on Wednesday, Denver teachers demanded better wages and affirmed their intent to strike — a message aimed not just at the school district but also Gov. Jared Polis. “Hey Polis, do what’s right, join our teachers, in our fight,” the crowd of hundreds chanted just outside the governor’s office […]

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Leroy Garcia’s opening remarks are notable for what he didn’t mention. Here’s the Colorado Senate president’s speech, annotated.

The 72nd General Assembly, with Democrats at the helm of the House and Senate, convened Friday for the 120-day lawmaking term. The new Democratic leaders in each chamber — House Speaker KC Becker and Senate President Leroy Garcia — gave opening-day remarks that outlined their visions for the 2019 session and the party’s legislative agenda. […]