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Joint Budget Committee

Joint Budget Committee
Joint Budget Committee

Colorado’s teacher shortage highlights need for more school funding, union boss says

The push to boost school funding and teacher pay comes as lawmakers are gearing up to debate just how much state money to give school districts next year

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Colorado’s taxable home values could skyrocket in 2023

A state economic forecast predicts a statewide increase of up to 20%, but what that means for homeowners is complicated

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Hundreds of Colorado children are awaiting adoption. State officials are asking for new funding to find them homes.

One child has been in the system for 18 years. Another has lived in 26 homes. Black children in Colorado wait longer for adoption than other races – no matter their age.

Social Services

Colorado lawmakers still have more than $2.6 billion in federal COVID stimulus to spend

Legislative task forces have been meeting for months to discuss how to make a dent on issues like affordable housing and mental health

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Colorado’s mental health system is “broken.” An audit could reveal why, and what to do about it.

While the state’s Behavioral Health Task Force decides how to spend $450 million, a battle waged in letters intensifies


Is Colorado’s government headed toward a fiscal cliff? Democrats say yes, Republicans say no.

Gov. Jared Polis wants to set aside nearly $2 billion for future state spending to avoid TABOR constraints down the road

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A lot more drugs are being confiscated in Colorado prisons as inmates die from overdoses

The Colorado Department of Corrections is asking the legislature for money to create a K-9 team that can detect narcotics coming into state prisons

Crime and Courts

Colorado’s governor wants to enlist private companies to help fix public problems with new partnership office

Gov. Jared Polis’ budget proposal seeks $1.3 million to create a state public-private partnership office. Public policy observers are skeptical.

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Colorado’s economy has recovered so quickly that the legislature will have to refund taxpayers under TABOR

While state coffers have recovered and employment is increasing, low-income, Black and Hispanic workers still lag in job recovery

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With bites, bruises and low pay, caretakers for Colorado’s troubled youth say there’s not enough staff to keep kids — and each other — safe

The state has shifted funding to child abuse prevention and away from residential centers for youth who’ve suffered trauma. Now those centers are on the edge of a financial cliff.

Sun Investigation

Colorado governor signs $34 billion budget into law, setting aside historic reserves and funding $800M stimulus package

The budget does not include $3.8 billion in federal coronavirus stimulus money heading to Colorado as part of the American Rescue Plan

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Colorado will finally get hundreds off the waitlist for disabilities services. But not everyone.

The average wait time was 15 years. Then eight. Now, lawmakers are poised to spend $15.5 million to fund 667 spots in the disability program.


Opinion: Colorado’s investment in more equitable higher-ed funding is a necessary start

Laying the groundwork for an economy with a strong middle class requires us to be strategic with our investments – and it’s time to reinvest in higher education.

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Opinion: We need higher education for all to overcome racial, income and health divides in Colorado

Higher education changes lives, but not everyone starts off equally. Getting through the front door is just the first hurdle.

Opinion Columns

Colorado’s governor wants a big, fast coronavirus stimulus package. State lawmakers worry about the details.

The situation echoes of the yearslong tug of war between the governor and Democratic budget writers that began soon after Jared Polis assumed office

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Rep. Leslie Herod: Colorado to see maternal health legislation during the 2021 session

We aim to close racial inequities in care and advocate for those who experience the worst disparities at the very beginning of life.

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Colorado school finance bill would spare districts from impact of enrollment declines

The Joint Budget Committee OK'd an education finance bill that send an extra $60 million to districts that saw large enrollment declines or a decrease in the number of students living in poverty. Rural districts will share another $25 million from the new nicotine tax.


Colorado’s state budget drives decisions that affect us all, but it’s long and complicated. We’re here to help.

The Colorado Sun’s Capitol Sunlight project will help you make sense of the budget and how money is spent.

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Gov. Jared Polis wanted quick action on his $1.3 billion stimulus plan. Colorado lawmakers want more time.

Legislative budget writers decided that the governor’s measures needed more consideration and debate and didn’t fit the definition for mid-year spending adjustments

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Colorado’s fiscal future looks brighter. Now lawmakers must decide how to spend the unexpected windfall.

The December revenue forecasts from the governor’s office and legislative economists show the recovery is impacting high-wage and low-wage workers differently

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