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Joe Pelle

Joe Pelle
Joe Pelle

Colorado’s governor backs crime-prevention package amid continuing scrutiny from Republicans, some police groups

Gov. Jared Polis announced Thursday a public safety plan that includes more than $113 million in funding to bolster mental health services, the state’s public safety worker shortage and co-responder models.

Politics and Government

Louisville’s police chief knows his town’s pain. The Marshall fire destroyed his home, too.

Chief David Hayes would rather focus on protecting Louisville and helping the city recover than dealing with his own loss.

Marshall Fire

“It is very, very difficult work”: Search continues for two people missing after Marshall fire

The investigation into the cause of the fire is still underway, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said.

Marshall Fire

Three people are missing — and presumed dead — after Marshall fire, Boulder County authorities now say

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle called it a miracle Friday that no one had been killed in the fire, which destroyed at least 991 homes. But officials now say he had not been properly briefed.

Marshall Fire

As many as 600 homes lost, 6 people injured as Marshall fire quickly spreads across Boulder County

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle says downed power lines may have sparked the wildfires.

Marshall Fire

Opinion: Legislation to reduce Colorado’s jail populations makes sense for safety and social justice

Arrests should be reduced because jail is a dehumanizing and often traumatizing experience that violently disrupts families and communities, and can destroy lives.

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Law enforcement warns of unintended consequences with Colorado Democrats’ sweeping police accountability bill

Police and prosecutors say there are aspects of Senate Bill 217 that represent positive and needed steps forward, but other provisions put officers and the public at risk. Democrats say it’s a necessary measure that’s been a long time coming.

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