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Opinion: Business and community partnerships can help create an environmentally sustainable future

At a time when the effects of climate change are felt across the country, including here in Colorado, it’s critical that we advance solutions like renewable energy and other clean technologies; invest in nature-based solutions such as trees; reduce waste, reuse items and recycle; and conserve water and other natural resources.  We can all play […]

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Downtown Denver is starving for people. When will they come back?

In the mid-to-late 1980s, when downtown Denver largely emptied out after 5 p.m., a diminishing influx of workers headed for the outskirts of the city and its burgeoning suburbs for shopping and nightlife amid sprawling new malls. A recession left skyscrapers with a 30% office vacancy rate. A now-defunct federal agency liquidated one office building […]

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Recovering from coronavirus may not be such a struggle for some Colorado downtowns after all

As coronavirus safety measures forced many shops and restaurants to temporarily close in March, a private Facebook group popped up to connect business owners specifically in downtown Colorado Springs.  There, they traded resources and information, discussed what each was doing to survive and talked about how the city could help local restaurants and retailers, like […]

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The people’s projector: Denver’s D&F Tower converted to artists’ canvas by “Night Lights” installation

“Night Lights Denver,” a vibrant new feature of downtown’s night-life, is alternately playful, beautiful, weird and wonderful. It is undeniably eye-catching. And it’s free. The public art taking over one side of the D&F Tower, an experimental effort of the Denver Theatre District, is funded by outdoor advertising elsewhere in the 16-block district. It’s a […]