At a time when the effects of climate change are felt across the country, including here in Colorado, it’s critical that we advance solutions like renewable energy and other clean technologies; invest in nature-based solutions such as trees; reduce waste, reuse items and recycle; and conserve water and other natural resources. 

We can all play a part in creating a more environmentally sustainable future.

Raju Patel and Tami Door

There are many ways to get engaged.  As a business, it could include refitting or updating your operations to become more sustainable through energy efficiency, utilization of renewable energy and reducing waste. It’s also worth getting employees involved in green efforts locally and engaging your community through environmentally focused activities.

We recognize the impact we have on the environment, which is why Bank of America is not only engaging the business community, but also recently increased its Environmental Business Initiative to help clients finance sustainable business efforts and pledged $1 trillion by 2030 to sustainable, low-carbon business activities. 

The local partnerships we enjoy with environmentally focused nonprofits and community partners are critical to our approach to helping conserve and restore natural ecosystems, implement climate change solutions and improve our community.


In Denver, becoming better stewards of our environment is a collaborative effort across a variety of sectors. Since 2019, Bank of America has partnered with the Downtown Denver Partnership, the economic development organization focused on building a vibrant, economically powerful urban core. 

Through this partnership, we launched the Urban Forest Initiative, a bold plan to increase our downtown’s urban tree canopy to the benefit of people, business, and our environment. Together with public, private, and philanthropic sector partners, the partnership has $3.5 million in tree infrastructure planned, under construction, and completed. 

This investment equates to nearly 200 new trees that will absorb the equivalent of 4,476 pounds of coal, have a cooling effect on the city, and contribute to overall public health and well being.

Cross-sector partnerships like this have the power to make real, sustainable impacts on our central business district, and help preserve Denver’s world-renowned scenic beauty.

As we think about what more we can do to become, and how we can continue to be, good environmental stewards – whether that is recycling at home and at work, planting a tree or investing in more sustainable activities – every small step adds up to make a big difference. 

In the near future, we anticipate working on even more community activities that positively affect the environment. Because when the Earth thrives, we all thrive.

Raju Patel is the Denver market president of Bank of America. Tami Door is president and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership. 

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Tami Door

Special to The Colorado Sun

Raju Patel

Special to The Colorado Sun