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Public money can be used for religious-school tuition in Maine. What does that mean for voucher programs in Colorado?

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for public dollars in a Maine tuition assistance program to flow to private religious schools could embolden conservative Colorado lawmakers to more aggressively pursue a statewide program that would feed taxpayer money to private schools, including religious ones. Previous legislative attempts in Colorado to create a […]

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Former Douglas County Superintendent Corey Wise sues school district, alleging retaliation and discrimination

Corey Wise has broken his silence — and the ousted superintendent is suing his former employers alleging retaliation, discrimination and that his infamous firing was illegal. The former Douglas County School District superintendent filed a lawsuit April 13 with the Colorado Civil Rights Division and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He claims the Douglas County […]

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Opinion: The blatant dishonesty of the Douglas County school board

Public officials inevitably serve as role models. When in the public eye, “the whole world is watching.” That includes children. Today’s youth can learn to respect adults with authority and follow their example, or they can become disenchanted due to dishonesty and corruption. So it is incredibly disappointing how blatantly dishonest the Douglas County School […]