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Opinion: Senate “relief” package doesn’t meet the health needs of Coloradans

Christy Charles of Grand Junction, a proud mother to a young adult with Down syndrome, was going about her life supporting her daughter and others with developmental disabilities when she was diagnosed with cancer. Without adequate insurance and needing income, she continued as her daughter’s paid caregiver and continued to offer unpaid support to others, […]

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Medicaid law forcing caregivers to be tracked by GPS inspires privacy backlash from Colorado’s disabled community

“We’re disabled, not criminals!” shouts one petition.  In impassioned, monthly conversations over the last year, members of Colorado’s disabilities community have implored state officials to temper a new federal requirement to track caregivers via GPS.  The point of the federal law is to reduce Medicaid fraud by requiring therapists, respite workers and nurses to log […]

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The night she looks forward to all year: Prom, and belonging, at a Colorado camp for teens with disabilities

EMPIRE — Kate Saldana is wearing diamond-studded shoes and hot pink eyeliner that matches the roses on her prom dress and the platform of her motor-powered wheelchair. On the dance floor, she spins her chair while her friends bounce around her, waving their arms under the green and pink pulsing lights of an activity room-turned-ballroom […]