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As Colorado schools get hotter, air conditioning is still out of reach for some

Schools across Colorado began opening for the fall semester in the middle of August, with daytime temperatures reaching into the 90s in some places. Tens of thousands of Colorado public school students attend school in buildings with no air conditioning in their classrooms, and often—especially in buildings that are many decades old—no air conditioning in […]

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Boulder Valley schools punish Black and Latino students at higher rates than most Colorado districts. Parents want more accountability.

Black and Latino parents of Boulder Valley School District students have been raising alarms for years that their children are punished more often for the same behaviors as white students. The district’s own data has consistently shown this disparity. In 2020, under mounting pressure, BVSD reformed its discipline policies to try to reduce inequities. It […]

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Boulder Valley School District, largely unscathed by the Marshall fire, will resume classes Wednesday

Of the nearly 1,000 structures reduced to rubble by the Marshall fire, not one was a school belonging to the Boulder Valley School District, clearing the way for the district to welcome students back to schools Wednesday as scheduled.  The plan to reopen schools in the fire-ravaged county comes as more than 10,000 people remain […]

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A tutoring program cultivates community bonds to help Latinx students in Boulder County

When HollyAnne Giffin began tutoring 12-year-old Gabriel Fernandez last winter, they worked on math homework via Zoom. As they got to know one another, they took adventures beyond their screens. Last spring, they experimented with elephant toothpaste at a neighborhood park, building on Fernandez’s middle school science curriculum. They took a bike ride and a hike. When […]

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Two districts account for nearly 90% of Colorado’s very limited COVID testing in schools

Just two school districts accounted for the vast majority of COVID-19 testing in the first month of Colorado’s federally funded program to test students, teachers and staff in schools each week. According to data that the state submitted to federal officials last month, just one district performed nearly 80% of the program’s tests conducted in […]

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Anti-maskers are spreading a new tactic to challenge Colorado school boards: recalls

Kathy Gebhardt has been called a Nazi and a child abuser because of her unwavering support for requiring masks in schools. Now she and two of her colleagues on the Boulder Valley School District board are facing a new reprisal by parents outraged over mask mandates — a recall petition seeking their removal, an undertaking […]

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“It was going to happen eventually”: A popular lunchtime spot for Boulder students is now marred by gun violence

Before COVID-19, the sound of the midday bell at Fairview High School often cued Kristin Jeong to get ready to run. She had friends to meet and a crowd of classmates to beat down the street to grab a bus seat. Kristin, a sophomore, would regularly beeline to the RTD bus stop in front of […]

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Colorado AG leads push to use federal internet discounts to help students get online at home — not just at school

Nearly five years after the Boulder Valley School District asked the Federal Communications Commission to let it use federal funds to help students on the wrong side of the digital divide, the district finally got a response — in a roundabout way.  The FCC wanted to hear more, though it asked for comments in response […]