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Rae Ellen Bichell

A Colorado town is about as vaccinated as it can get. But it still has COVID.

Shots alone aren’t enough to prevent spread because of porous geographic boundaries and waning vaccine effectiveness against the highly contagious delta variant


School or “Russian Roulette”? Amid delta variant and lax mask rules, some Colorado parents see no difference


Behind Wyoming and Colorado’s anomalous twin COVID-19 spikes despite their political differences


Delta variant surges in western Colorado as the Country Jam bands — and people — play on

“COVID is over in Colorado,” said a college student from Durango at Country Jam. He wasn't the only one to think so.


A Colorado hospital charged $722.50 to push medicine through an IV. Twice.

In Colorado, the average charge for the code corresponding to pushing drugs into an IV has nearly tripled since 2014, and the dollars hospitals actually get for it has doubled. In Colorado Springs specifically, the cost for IV pushes rose even more sharply than it did statewide.


People fly to Cortez for coronavirus vaccines, but some who live in southwest Colorado can’t reach a clinic

By the end of March about 43% of Coloradans who had received their first doses, and had addresses on file, got those shots outside of their home county. At least 60,000 of them traveled more than 50 miles for a shot.


Durango’s COVID “cowboy” rounds up (maskless) spring break scofflaws

Leaders of this southwest Colorado city of about 19,000 are eager to hold COVID-19 at bay with a bit of old-time law and order on mask mandates — and even a little modern vaccine science


At Colorado’s rural edges, vaccines help assisted-living facilities reopen their doors

Counties are circumventing bogged-down Walgreens and CVS, the pharmacy chains contracted for the campaign to get vaccines to the elderly


County Line Road in Erie is a coronavirus response fault line

Businesses along the road marking the line between Weld and Boulder counties struggle with conflicting coronavirus regulations.

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