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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

Colorado’s new board to rename controversial landmarks has its first recommendation: Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain

The Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board calls for renaming a Clear Creek County peak after the influential Cheyenne translator known as Owl Woman.


Carman: A mother’s grief turns to long-overdue action in justice for Elijah McClain

Everything started to change when the Black Lives Matter movement raised the profile of Elijah McClain’s case

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Racial discrimination still exists in jury selection. Colorado’s Supreme Court rejected a proposal meant to fix that.

The court rejected a proposal, modeled after one adopted in Washington state, aimed at addressing implicit racism in how juries are picked

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“Everything is still the same”: A year after protests, young Coloradans don’t think anyone is listening anymore

Much of the momentum behind last summer’s Black Lives Matter movement has died down, leaving students to wonder how much longer they’ll have to fight for change.


What’s Working: Denver business leaders say $45,000 is the new “scrape-by” wage

More women and people of color fall below that wage so here’s how to help them move up. Plus: Colorado Republicans ask for end to federal unemployment benefits; a company's expansion adds 100 jobs and lots of other actual jobs


Littwin: A year after George Floyd’s death, much has changed. Not all of it good.

A year ago, it all seemed obvious. A year later, unarmed black people are still being killed by cops. Voter suppression is being passed in red states. The voting rights bill named for the late John Lewis sits stalled in the U.S. Senate.

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Carman: As police brutality reforms take effect and investigations mount, who’s laughing now?

The police brutality that has targeted and tormented the Black community in Colorado since forever is real

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Colorado judge resigns after state Supreme Court censure over multiple reports of racial bias

18th Judicial District Judge Natalie T. Chase was censured by the Colorado Supreme Court after a former court employee reported a conversation in which she used the N-word repeatedly


What’d I Miss?: Looking away from the Derek Chauvin trial for a death everyone saw


Black Lives Matter group says Tay Anderson sexually assaulted a woman. He denies it.


25 Colorado schools still had Native American mascots. This week one finally decided to make a change.

Cheyenne Mountain High School’s decision didn't come without controversy. But Black Lives Matter protests and Senate Bill 116 pushed the effort forward.


For Indigenous rights activists in Colorado, coronavirus brought momentum and pushback

Like its viral predecessors, the novel coronavirus has torn through Indigenous communities with particular vehemence. For many of them, this year has brought new urgency to old protests.


“Just unprecedented”: Aurora Police saw 60% rise in officers leaving department last year

87 police personnel left or were jettisoned from the department in 2020, more departures than in 2015 and 2016 combined. About 750 of the Aurora Police Department's 1,000 employees are sworn officers.

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After shooting, unrest, Wyoming gets its first Black sheriff

Aaron Appelhans, who grew up in Denver, takes the helm of the Albany County Sheriff's Office in a time of turmoil following the police shooting of an unarmed man during a traffic stop.

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On Edge: After wanting to die, an Aurora teen is now learning to live

Navee Essien is speaking out – with support from her mother and therapist – partly because she grew up fighting for the mentally ill, and partly because she thinks her story might help.


On Edge: For Tylan Jones, anxiety is also a battle between optimism and pessimism

A battle wages within him. The idealist fighting disillusionment, the optimist going toe-to-toe with the pessimist. But that flame of hope inside him hasn’t been easy to keep burning in the last year.


Opinion: We shouldn’t forget 2020’s lessons, but let’s embrace 2021’s promise

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A new Denver high school modeled after historically Black colleges opens next fall

Test scores and graduation rates show Denver Public Schools has not served students of color as well as it has the 25% of students who are white. Robert F. Smith STEAM Academy aims to repair that.


With coronavirus nixing gatherings, LGBTQ+ Coloradans seek new ways to foster belonging

LGBTQ+ people feel some impacts of the pandemic more sharply than the general population, but there have been silver linings to the shutdown


“Black in Denver” illustrates through photos — and words — the vast diversity of the Black diaspora

Nashville-born artist Narkita Gold might have chosen a larger canvas, like Chicago or New York, but she found “communities” in Colorado

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