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How the creators of “South Park” are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Colorado-based cartoon comedy show

The Comedy Central staple about four bratty, perpetually bundled-up youngsters in an unhinged Colorado cartoon town celebrated its silver anniversary


Young Jamin Wright could make anything from wood. It was harps that hit just the right note.

The Wright family bought Blevins Harps in Grand Junction, one of a few American harp makers, hoping to join Jamin’s woodworking skills with his mother’s musical talents.


In Florence, pop. 4,000, political upheaval is testing the city’s push to shake off its “ghost town” past

Voters will choose an entirely new city council next week, but Florence hasn’t let the absence of elected leaders slow its roll toward economic revival


“The End” bus tour depicts an apocalyptic Denver to help spur climate change action

The custom-renovated school bus stops at five abandoned sites throughout the city and runs Thursday and weekends through July 31


The story — and the mission — behind the Ukrainian artwork about to be sold in Denver

Selling the work, some Ukrainians in Colorado say, will help refocus attention on Russia’s war in Ukraine at a time when many people are becoming desensitized to the death and destruction occurring there


The curtain fell on Colorado’s arts scene during COVID. Can it dance back to life?

Denver’s major performing arts companies have, in fits and starts, been on a comeback season. But it is proving to be a long climb back.


PHOTOS: Snow-sculpting competition returns to Breckenridge

At the International Snow Sculpting Championships, artists use only hand tools to carve 25-ton, 12-foot blocks of snow into masterpieces


Cano’s Castle, a southern Colorado folk art landmark, is heavily damaged in fire

The castle’s two towers are still standing and Cano is safe, police say.


Movshovitz: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” still speaks to us, if we’re willing to listen

The classic 1951 movie reminds that even in the face of human-caused extinction, the people of the world are still failing to cooperate for the common good

Opinion Columns

Stitch by stitch, a traveling quilt honors more than 100 Black people killed across America

Four Colorado needleworkers contributed tiny portraits, pieced into two quilts for the Stitch Their Names Memorial Project, which honors a small number of Black people who lost their lives.


How Colorado Ballet reimagined costumes for the “Nutcracker” — and saved pandemic-struck designers and makers

When decades-old finery needed replacing, the company began a long-distance dance to fashion new ensembles, creating its own industry stimulus.


Colorado will begin requiring that people get vaccinated to attend large indoor events in Denver area

A large, indoor event is defined as one attended by 500 or more people. The order applies to concerts, bars, receptions, auctions and dance halls.


Denver Art Museum gives up allegedly looted Cambodian artifacts

The museum is still taking care of the works until they can be transferred, but they have been officially removed from the museum's listed holdings


New creative expression workshop aims to combat artists’ addiction, isolation and death in Colorado

Colorado Artists in Recovery originally formed to help people in recovery from drug addiction but it has evolved to also support people with other mental health issues


Denver Art Museum shakes off the stuffiness as it unveils a $150 million, forward-looking overhaul 

The Martin Building has been “reimagined,” curators say, in an overhaul that unites three museum structures as a campus. It reopens to the public with a free day on Oct. 24.


Plundered art held by the Denver Art Museum revealed in Pandora Papers’ exposé of billionaire finances

Six objects came to Denver via the indicted collector Douglas Latchford. The museum has removed four from Cambodia from its collection and is working to return them.

Crime and Courts

At least 610,000 white flags will stand in D.C. in honor of those who died from coronavirus. A Coloradan is among those behind it.

The memorial will be the largest participatory public art installation on the National Mall since the AIDS quilt in 1987.


You’ve seen the murals. Now meet the pro snowboarder behind them.

Pat Milbery channels lessons from carving snow into bright murals across Colorado. “He almost embodies his design,” said the Avon official who hired him.


Memorial honoring Korean “comfort women” during WWII turned down by Aurora

Aurora City Council said little about its reasoning for voting down the proposal, but comfort women memorials have become controversial across the country in recent years.


Pueblo’s Arkansas River levee is a Colorado gem. It’s also a reminder of the state’s deadliest disaster.

A 24-foot wall of water fed by torrential rain along the Front Range slammed through the narrow Arkansas River channel in downtown Pueblo on June 3, 1921.

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