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Kevin Simpson

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Colorado congregations — one Jewish, one Black — swap pulpits, music in a push for racial justice

Beth Evergreen, a synagogue in the foothills, and Zion Temple Church, a predominantly Black congregation in Denver, seized the moment to strengthen their bonds

Cash or card? Coronavirus further shifted society away from currency, toward digital payments

Consumers already favored electronic transactions before the pandemic, but online commerce during the stay-at-home order and early fears of virus transmission accelerated the move

Why now? The roots (and possible future) of Colorado’s reckoning with racism past and present

Everything, it seems, is on the table as Colorado, in the throes of a pandemic, confronts racist history people of color battled for generations

Fearing economic uncertainty, residents seek to buy their Boulder County mobile-home park to avoid evictions

Sans Souci park residents hope to find backing to become their own landlords and stabilize rent during the coronavirus crisis. Their biggest hurdle: A willing seller.

Coronavirus temporarily closed the book on Colorado’s public libraries. But they found new ways to fulfill their mission.

From phone calls with seniors to online quiz shows to live-streamed outdoor concerts, Colorado libraries have discovered that they can still connect with their communities

Colorado researchers spent decades trying to save disappearing rainbow trout. Finally, they’re making progress.

Genetics from Germany and a hardy cross with Gunnison River trout seem to be overcoming a nightmarish parasite that causes deadly whirling disease

Robberies dropped, fights between roommates spiked: How quarantine affected crime in Colorado

Statistics and anecdotal evidence suggest that targets shifted with the closures, which in some areas also may have veiled an anticipated rise in domestic violence

Coronavirus dampens debut of program to give mobile home owners a fighting chance in disputes

A centerpiece of lawmakers’ 2019 push to challenge abusive actions by park owners was expected to bring an initial deluge of complaints. That hasn’t happened -- yet.

A volunteer army has answered Colorado’s need for masks. Denver’s jails are one recent beneficiary.

With some catchy names and time on their hands, volunteers have helped power Colorado through its overwhelming demand by revving up their sewing machines

Colorado’s economy is about to restart — slowly — but will customers follow?

Fewer tables. Online workouts. More takeout. Some businesses have evolved during the coronavirus shutdown, but others aren’t sure if they have a future.

What happens when Colorado stays home? Lots of residential trash, for one thing.

From haulers to recyclers to landfills, the coronavirus changed the way they do business. And some of the changes just might stick.

Coronavirus shut down many Colorado golf courses. Some stayed open by tweaking tradition.

Policies vary by county and town, but golfers can still find places to get in a disinfected, socially-distanced round -- though tee times are going fast

The coronavirus has disrupted the rhythm of Coloradans’ daily life. That can leave uncomfortable voids.

From vanpools to worship to the sudden halt of live sports, the changes have forced many to seek alternative solutions that reinforce social connections

Social distancing could drag on for months in Colorado. How will we stay sane?

Experts offer ways to meet the mental health challenges — and risks including abuse and neglect — of prolonged social isolation.

Stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak but want to help here in Colorado? Here’s how.

You can still make a difference, even if you don't leave the house.

At a time they’re needed most, Colorado food banks brace for fewer volunteers, shutdown of smaller pantries amid coronavirus fears

Many pantries are likely to suspend operations — some already have — as measures to thwart COVID-19 keep people home, or at least away from crowds

Sunriser: Gunnison “carding” seniors to stop coronavirus spread / New hospital restrictions / Mountain residents should pull back / And much, much more

Your guided tour through Colorado news, compiled by your friends at The Sun.

Colorado’s other pandemic: The 1918 flu and the lessons learned — or maybe not — for coronavirus

Aside from some quick action in Gunnison, cities and towns across the state struggled as the flu pandemic of 1918 ran its deadly course

Most used wind turbine blades end up in landfills. Colorado is part of the push to make the industry greener.

Wind energy industry leaders don't like the optics — even if the old blades don't pose environmental harm — and Colorado could see a new generation of recyclable, repairable blades

Colorado boarding school, where government sought to assimilate tribal students, listed as a “most endangered” place

Colorado Preservation, Inc. is working with Southern Ute leaders as they consider preserving the site near Ignacio, which recalls a painful chapter of U.S. history

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