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Why are so many people riled up by Jena Griswold?

The young secretary of state who has taken on President Trump is criticized for self-promotion and politicizing the office. But her fans call it sexism.

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Honks, flags and fistfights: America’s election tension has boiled over at one Colorado intersection

The four corners of Broadway and Highlands Ranch Parkway have become political ground zero in Denver’s conservative southern suburb. But it could be any intersection in America.

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Beyond Zoom: Virtual therapy’s next generation has Bluetooth pulse monitors and more

The Mental Health Center of Denver is partnering with a health tech company to prepare for the next generation of therapy, happening on smartphones


Proposition 118 explained: Paid-leave measure would give Colorado workers time off but cost big money

Critics say the initiative is a new payroll tax on already struggling businesses. Supporters say it will help small businesses compete.

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Proposition 115 explained: Colorado’s broad access to abortion would be scaled back under ballot measure

The November ballot question that would ban abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy has higher stakes with the fate of Roe v. Wade in question

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Colorado’s splintered mental health system has had tragic failures. The state is taking the first step to fix it.

A task force ordered by Gov. Jared Polis calls for creating a new Behavioral Health Administration, but the plan has no new funding

Wave of suicides in northwest Colorado part of “toxic stress” from coronavirus, experts say

Nine people have died by suicide so far this year, five in the past month in a region that has been fighting to expand mental health care and break down stigma around treatment


Doctors are overwhelmed by coronavirus. So why did Colorado officials just end a 30-year contract with a peer health program?

The state Department of Regulatory Agencies approved a contract for a new program without telling the Colorado Medical Board, setting off a firestorm of complaints from doctors across the state.


Lack of child care prevents moms from getting drug treatment in Colorado. Here comes “RV Honey.”

The first-of-its-kind program will send RVs renovated as child care classrooms to drug and mental health centers in Denver and the San Luis Valley.


Downtown Denver’s hotel industry is struggling. Is it because people don’t want to be in the city center?

Even if a coronavirus vaccine comes, the hotel and convention industry can’t just hit the restart button. The uncertainty of recovery means events are getting canceled through mid-to-late 2021.


Eight states have programs that give workers paid time off. Does that help or hurt Colorado’s chances?

Critics of the ballot measure point to huge government bureaucracies and mandated “taxes” in other states, but supporters say every program is solvent, successful.

Politics and Government

Colorado is debating abortion access again, and it’s quickly getting emotional

Opponents of Proposition 115 have reserved almost $1 million in TV ad time for October, while supporters have launched a social media campaign


Downtown Denver is starving for people. When will they come back?

After the shutdown, few companies have fully returned to their offices, while homelessness and protests conjure a new vibe.


Is your throat scratchy from Colorado’s wildfire smoke or coronavirus? Here’s how to tell.

The air quality in Denver was worse than in Beijing and Kolkata the past few days. Here is what health experts are saying about going outside.


What’s killing Mount Evans’ mountain goats? A research team is collecting their poop to solve the mystery.

Disease first struck in 2013, when a generation of young goats was wiped out because of severe E. coli infection. Researchers wonder if it’s linked to human waste.


Toxic algae are filling Colorado lakes with slimy pea-green soup. Are hotter summers making it worse?

The state began a blue-green algae monitoring program two years ago to find out whether the toxic organisms are blooming more often in Colorado. At least four lakes have already closed this summer.


The Grizzly Creek fire is threatening the Colorado River and water for the entire West

As the Grizzly Creek Fire rips through Glenwood Canyon, it endangers vital infrastructure for millions of westerners. Sediment and debris could foul the Colorado River for years to come.


No mess-tent meals, no giant camps: This is wildfire fighting in Colorado during coronavirus

Crews instead are “spiking out” in small groups and using aircraft to keep blazes smaller. This is why fire officials asked months ago for a burn ban and extra funding.


Denver, facing unprecedented homelessness, moves ahead on family-size affordable housing with 3 new projects

The city now has 13 affordable housing projects in the pipeline as a recession begins and unemployment skyrockets


Homelessness in Denver is obvious, but the never-ending work to solve it is harder to see

It could take months to find someone housing. And in that time, hundreds more who are newly homeless or new to Denver have arrived.

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