Peter West, operator at South Platte Water Renewal Partners, stands atop a clarifier where he uses a "sludge judge" to measure solids at the bottom of the settling tank on May 12, 2020. South Platte is part of a sewage study attempting to determine how much of the population is infected with the coronavirus and where the hot spots might be located. (John Leyba, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Colorado sewage treatment plants are examining your poop for coronavirus clues. Seriously.

Humans begin to shed coronavirus in their feces within three days of infection, which could provide a heads up on outbreaks. At least three Colorado water treatment systems are studying poo for warning signs.

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“A feeling of empowerment and freedom”: It’s become common for women to accompany a hiking tale with a shirtless photo

As the captions say, these photos can be frivolous and fun. They also often document some of the most powerful seconds of a woman’s life.

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Nearly all of Colorado is under some drought status. A year ago, almost none of the state was parched.

Colorado’s most recent drought outlook shows some progress, but the state’s drought could persist