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What’d I Miss?: When the rich control communication platforms, what could go wrong?


Western Slope vineyards bubble over with young wine drinkers raised on fizzy beverages

Sparkling wines open the door, but Colorado wineries appeal to younger tastes with unconventional grapes and labels that read natural non-GMO, gluten-free and 100% vegan


Opinion: The most unexpected weapon in the Israel-Gaza conflict? Instagram stories.

As I’ve witnessed while in Israel over the past few weeks, the dark side of social media is bigger and more insidious than I ever could’ve imagined.

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Opinion: For Colorado’s small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic is the wrong time to rein in Big Tech

Their tools are a digital safety net that enable small businesses like mine to survive.

Opinion Columns

“Social Dilemma” movement wants to force change at tech companies. Lawmakers do too.

Boulder director Jeff Orlowski hopes viewers of “The Social Dilemma” will fuel a campaign to force Facebook, Google, Twitter and others toward a more humane business model, or enlist lawmakers to better regulate the social media giants.


Kindness Yoga called out: Weakened by coronavirus, 9 studios close after Instagram campaign exposes rift over race

A hashtag led to hundreds of cancellations just as the company was readying to reopen. But some teachers wonder how closing down helps Denver’s yoga community make progress.


This mic is on: Black women in Colorado take over Instagram accounts of white allies

The #ShareTheMicCO swapping of social accounts was spurred by national effort to give black women a louder voice


Tragedy has prepared Colorado students for their next battle: police brutality and racism

Many students have added their voice to the Black Lives Matter movement as Denver demonstrations span into their second week. Tired of sitting back, they’re taking the lead.


Colorado Democrats unveil sweeping police accountability bill in response to George Floyd’s death

The legislation is expected to be introduced as soon as Wednesday in the Colorado Senate and comes in response the death last week of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis

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Safety and stoke: A-Basin’s coronavirus reopening provides glimpse of what next ski season may look like

The snow was soft, the sun was shining and the lift lines were short. Besides mask-wearing and social distancing, it felt like a normal day of late spring skiing.


A Denver restaurant fights to keep its doors open — and its staff paid — as coronavirus crumbles the industry

Potager, a staple of Colorado’s restaurant scene for 23 years, was in a moment of change when coronavirus hit. Now, its new owners are doing everything they can to survive the pandemic.


75-year-old Arvada man who spent a month on ventilator after coronavirus infection returns home from hospital

Doug Summerfield's recovery was called "amazing" by one of his doctors


With Olympic dreams delayed, one Colorado athlete declares: “This is the time when champions are made”

Sophia Herzog, a paralympic medalist, is turning to the Arkansas River with pools closed because of the coronavirus.


Colorado likely won’t have an accurate coronavirus death count for months, or even years

17% more deaths occurred in Colorado in March and April compared to last year — and only a fraction are listed as COVID-19 victims. Here’s what we know about the “excess deaths.”


The squawking, stomping chicken of the grasslands is back in Colorado

Lesser prairie-chickens were nearly decimated by blizzard and then drought. Now they’re back, after a four-year, joint relocation effort by wildlife biologists in Colorado and Kansas.


Governor says Colorado now has capacity to test anyone with coronavirus symptoms, encourages people to get screened

Gov. Jared Polis says he hopes Colorado can test at least 8,500 people a day by the end of May


Colorado sewage treatment plants are examining your poop for coronavirus clues. Seriously.

Humans begin to shed coronavirus in their feces within three days of infection, which could provide a heads up on outbreaks. At least three Colorado water treatment systems are studying poo for warning signs.


Airlines flying empty planes to small Colorado airports plead for OK to cut service

Colorado's mountain tourist destinations are siding with airlines on temporary cutbacks, but they're fearful long-term loss of service. The airlines are making the ask despite pocketing federal coronavirus relief funds.


The Colorado county with the highest coronavirus infection rate is now on the Eastern Plains

Morgan County has more confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases and deaths than Larimer County despite having a population that’s about one twelfth the size


From very busy to barely anyone: What Colorado businesses looked like as they reopened after a coronavirus pause

The Colorado Sun talked to businesses across the state to find out what they experienced on their first day back open after the stay-at-home order

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