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Ozone plagues Colorado’s Front Range, state report says, but bids to change it are elusive

Air pollution officials wrap up the “ozone year” with a dire look at summer of ‘21 and rising three-year averages, with little hope for better in near future.


Colorado may have more sites with dangerous “forever chemicals” than any other state

A new analysis of an EPA database shows demand for PFAS in fracking and other industries puts Front Range at the top of the contamination list.


Whistleblowers raised valid concerns about Colorado air pollution monitoring, probe finds, but problems were unintentional

An independent investigation commissioned by the Attorney General also says boss of Air Pollution Control Division should have disclosed his prior work for Newmont Corp. when a pollution permit for a Teller County mine came before him.


WHO says air pollution caps should be much tougher in Colorado, U.S.

Influential world health monitor issues strict guidelines calling for steep cuts to ozone and particulate PM2.5 emissions in Front Range counties that saw sharp spikes in both this past summer.


Gold King Mine owner sues federal government over 2015 spill

Todd Hennis claims the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has occupied part of his property near the Gold King Mine but hasn't compensated him for doing so


Colorado violates EPA ozone standards again as business groups cheer gutting of draft commuting limits

The Front Range passed another grim milestone of violating U.S. ozone caps, but state air pollution regulators have just weakened a proposal to cut solo commuting by employees.


Colorado refuses to ease rules for how much pollution gets discharged into rivers and streams

Members of the Water Quality Control Commission said they were shocked by the blowback to a proposed change that would have made it easier for industry, utilities to send more pollution downstream.


87 Front Range oil and gas wells ordered to shut down after operator KP Kauffman fails to clean up spills

Ditch companies and farmers have been harmed by KP Kauffman’s unfinished work to mop up after flowlines leaked, state regulators say


Northern Weld County to be placed under tighter ozone restrictions in EPA reversal

All of Weld County will now come under tougher oil and gas and vehicle rules to tamp down the dangerous chemical


EPA announces Colorado-based office dedicated to cleaning up abandoned mines

The Office of Mountains, Deserts and Plains will take charge of remediating abandoned mine lands, including the Gold King Mine in southwest Colorado


Opinion: How to use ventilation and air filtration to prevent the spread of coronavirus indoors

Once the virus escapes into the air inside a building, you have two options: bring in fresh air from outside or remove the virus from the air inside the building.

Opinion Columns

EPA settles lawsuit with Utah over Gold King Mine spill

Utah’s lawsuit was one of several legal claims filed over the incident, but no other settlements have been reached, the EPA said Wednesday


Many hoped the Gold King Mine spill would bring change. Five years later, they’re still waiting.

A congressional fix for abandoned mines remains elusive and clean up around Silverton has moved at a “snail’s pace.” Experts say the disaster shed light on problems, but didn’t drive change like they thought it would.


E. coli fouls 100 Colorado waterways. But managers aren’t sure how big the threat is to people playing in streams.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has registered more than 100 waterbody segments on its impaired waters list due to alarmingly high E. coli levels


Colorado, Denver join 25 other cities and states in suing EPA for relaxing clean-car rule

The EPA’s final rule also could impact Colorado’s zero-emissions mandate


Colorado sewage treatment plants are examining your poop for coronavirus clues. Seriously.

Humans begin to shed coronavirus in their feces within three days of infection, which could provide a heads up on outbreaks. At least three Colorado water treatment systems are studying poo for warning signs.


Colorado lawmakers wanted to tackle the state’s PFAS problem. They are taking more of a baby step.

A bill to regulate harmful “forever chemicals” that contaminate groundwater was chopped in half during its first public hearing

Politics and Government

Trump administration’s effort to roll back NEPA environmental law draws ire at Denver hearing

NEPA requires federal agencies to determine if a construction or commercial project would harm the environment or wildlife. It gives the public the right of review and input.


Judge blocks Trump from easing energy rules in western U.S. citing sage grouse

The temporary restraining order issued Wednesday by a judge in Boise, Idaho, means the administration for now must fall back to more stringent rules adopted under former President Barack Obama


EPA set to end California’s ability to regulate fuel economy, which could impact Colorado

A dozen states -- including Colorado -- and the District of Columbia also follow California's fuel economy standards

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