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Many Colorado restaurants have closed. The ones still open aren’t sure how long they can weather coronavirus.

State data shows that even though restaurants have recovered some since April, the industry is still down thousands of jobs. More than 2,500 establishments have shut down since March.

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Vail is betting that disinfection technology will make school, buildings safer during coronavirus

Vail Mountain School is one of the first in Colorado to install the Synexis Dry Hydrogen Peroxide system, enabling it to keep a five-day-a-week schedule for students.

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Wealthy Colorado parents are hiring teachers for private learning pods, leaving low-income students behind

As school plans change and some districts opt for remote learning, deep-pocketed parents are shelling out big sums so they get back to work with peace of mind. Those who can’t afford to do so risk their kids’ ability to stay on track.

Opinion: Is your neighborhood raising your risk? Redlining set Denver communities up for more coronavirus danger

But what makes Denver's Valverde so attractive to its residents might also have raised its risks amid the coronavirus pandemic. The westside neighborhood had the highest COVID-19 hospitalization rate in the city.


Littwin: Imagine being a GOP senator watching Obama speak at John Lewis’ funeral and then going home to defend Trump

Cory Gardner got his chance to separate himself from Trump on the president’s delay-the-election tweet. But the Trump that Obama skewered is the Trump that Gardner and rest of the GOP Senate embrace.