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Bus stop by bus stop, Denver-area health officials microtarget vaccine hesitancy

A mobile clinic in the East Colfax neighborhood is part of a new push by Denver-area public health officials to find the neighborhoods where vaccinations lag behind state or county averages

7:20 AM MDT

Denver isn’t pursuing a true-up with charter schools that got federal coronavirus loans

Across the country, charter and private schools got $6 billion in paycheck protecting funding, according to Education Week

7:15 AM MDT

As coronavirus cases rise again, not even Colorado’s most-vaccinated counties have been spared. Here’s why.

State and local health officials have had a mixed response to new federal guidance urging vaccinated people to start wearing masks again

3:01 AM MDT

Colorado’s craft brewers are stuck with the tab as global can shortage shakes up beverage industry

Breweries, cideries and amateur cooks are spending big and getting creative to combat the supply crunch


Biden to launch vaccine push for millions of federal workers

The new policy amounts to a recognition by the Biden administration that the government — the nation’s biggest employer — must do more to boost sluggish vaccination rates


Two more hospital systems in Colorado will require workers to get vaccinated against coronavirus

The move by UCHealth and Denver Health increases the number of hospitals with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate to nearly 20 in Colorado


See if your Colorado county is among those where the CDC recommends you resume wearing a mask indoors

A majority of Colorado counties have transmission rates high enough that the CDC's new guidance applies


Staff at five Colorado hospitals will have to get vaccinated against coronavirus. What about all the rest?

Banner Health became the first hospital owner in Colorado to issue a mandate, but others may be waiting on the FDA to give full approval to the COVID-19 vaccines


Colorado governor not pursuing COVID-19 vaccine mandate for state employees as delta variant rages

Cases are rising across the U.S. and in Colorado as the delta variant, which is far more contagious than other strains of the disease, spreads


Colorado’s health department argues it can’t be sued in whistleblower lawsuit tied to botched HIV program

Colorado’s former head of disease control, fired last summer amid the pandemic, alleges state health officials retaliated against him after he blew the whistle on financial mismanagement

Politics and Government

At least 610,000 white flags will stand in D.C. in honor of those who died from coronavirus. A Coloradan is among those behind it.

The memorial will be the largest participatory public art installation on the National Mall since the AIDS quilt in 1987.


Wildfire smoke drives people in low-vaccinated areas indoors, raising outbreak fears

Smoke and unrelenting heat have driven people to seek refuge at libraries, movie theaters, museums and other indoor venues


Unvaccinated staff at the center of federal investigation into rising nursing home deaths in Grand Junction

At one facility in Mesa County, 42% of staff were still not fully vaccinated compared to only about 8% of residents


Littwin: Who cares if the ultra-rich have their space toys? We need to worry about what toys — and what else — poor kids lack.

The enhanced child tax credit, which reduces child poverty by 45%, expires after one year. In a Sun-hosted zoom interview, Michael Bennet pushes for a permanent solution.

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Nicolais: Yes, Colorado, the COVID-19 vaccines work. Believe it.

As the Delta variant spreads, it has become increasingly clear that vaccinated individuals avoid severe, life-threatening illness

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On Colorado’s Front Range, your neighborhood may determine your risk of catching COVID-19

A new report from the Colorado Health Institute tracks coronavirus’ disparate toll, with people living in diverse, low-income neighborhoods in the crosshairs


Behind Wyoming and Colorado’s anomalous twin COVID-19 spikes despite their political differences


Littwin: Boebert blasts Biden for sending “Needle Nazis” to knock on Mesa County doors. Problem is, no needles, no Nazis, no Biden.

There will be no fans at the Olympics. France is going to “COVID passports.” Don’t they want to own their libs? America is ahead of the game, but Republicans cheer the news that Biden didn’t reach his 70% vaccine goal.

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Littwin: Bringing the All-Star Game to Coors Field sends a dual message — on vaccinations and on voting rights

The only reason the game is being played in Denver is that Major League Baseball pulled out of Atlanta after Georgia passed one of the earlier voter-suppression laws landing like a plague on much of red-state America.

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Free meals, flexible schedules: Colorado kids on where federal stimulus money for schools should go

The state listened to a dozen students talk about their pandemic-challenged school year and how Colorado could make next year better.

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