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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado’s coronavirus dial system ends Friday. As hospitalizations spike, it will be up to counties to respond.

Gov. Jared Polis said Colorado has reached a point in the pandemic where local communities can decide what restrictions are right for them. But at the same time he’s pleading with the public to be careful.


Colorado’s fourth coronavirus wave will be different from the first three. Here’s why it’s still a concern.

Younger people are making up a bigger share of the cases this time — and some are getting really sick


Opinion: Unelected commissions and boards are running a large part of Colorado government and your life

When there are big, weighty decisions to be made, we should put the power in the hands of those who are closest to the people and most likely to hear their voice.

Opinion Columns

The best tips from The Colorado Sun’s readers for booking a coronavirus vaccination appointment

The Colorado Sun asked readers to share the tricks, hacks and gambits that have worked for them to get a COVID-19 shot. Here’s what they told us.


How bad are Coloradans at recycling? Chaffee County contractor closed its free sites over bad actors, slim profits

Angel of Shavano closes this week, leaving locals to pay waste haulers for curbside recycling if they want to keep the service


What is and isn’t allowed in Colorado when it comes to compelling people to get a coronavirus vaccine

No one at the moment is pushing for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, either at the state or federal levels. But businesses and Gov. Jared Polis’ administration are trying out incentives.


Colorado finalizes decision to ease mask mandate as Biden administration begs states to stay the course

Gov. Jared Polis's new mask order allows people in about half of the state’s 64 counties — but only representing a fraction of Colorado’s population — to ditch their face coverings in the vast majority of public indoor places


Colorado Democrats want to accelerate the governor’s emissions reduction roadmap. Polis says he’s not on board.

Climate goals and deadlines to reach them would be set in state law under Senate Bill 200. Some of the work would be funded by charging polluters a fee for each ton of carbon dioxide they release.


Colorado air pollution control managers ordered staff to falsify data and approve permits “at all costs,” whistleblowers say

State employees allege a yearslong pattern of illegal state actions designed to speed up permits and avoid scrutiny by the public.


More than 20 Colorado counties are poised to move to the lowest level of coronavirus restrictions

The changes come as the state implements "Dial 3.0," which makes it significantly easier for counties to achieve less-restrictive status


Some Colorado lawmakers want ski resorts to report injuries and fatalities

Following health department statistics showing as many as 55 skiers a day are treated in emergency rooms, Senate Bill 184 would require resorts to publish safety plans and injury statistics


Why Coloradans should get the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, despite headlines about lower efficacy

The clinical trials figures might not mean what you think they do and other arguments that Colorado health leaders make in favor of getting the Johnson & Johnson shot


An Aurora doctor tried to prioritize refugees for the coronavirus vaccine. Colorado told him to stop.

“We need health affirmative action,” says Dr. P.J. Parmar, who tried to make sure the 500 vaccine doses he gets each week go to people who live in the 80010 ZIP code


Three cases of South African coronavirus variant found in Colorado prison

The variant is of particular concern because vaccines may be less effective against it


The behind-the-scenes story of being Gov. Jared Polis during Colorado’s coronavirus crisis

“Who would think losing 6,000 people could ever be a win instead of 8,000? It’s just horrific every day,” the Democrat said.


Coalition demands fence line monitors, tougher caps at Suncor to protect Colorado communities

Activists and legislators from Denver and Pueblo want the state to put teeth into environmental justice for communities of color.


Colorado nursing homes with the most coronavirus deaths were cited for poor infection control

A Colorado Sun investigation found that many of the nursing homes with the highest death counts were told multiple times to clean up hygiene protocols intended to protect residents.


The first of 3 gun-safety bills moves ahead in Colorado statehouse debate

Children's Hospital Colorado doctors testify that suicide attempts by teens and young adults are "disproportionately lethal." Opponents argue a bill requiring firearms to be stored safely would make it harder for people to defend their homes.

Politics and Government

Why are Colorado’s rural counties vaccinating people faster than urban ones?

The 10 counties with the highest vaccination rates have small populations, but even with few health care resources, they are hitting their vaccine targets quickly.


Coronavirus variants aren’t new to Colorado – the virus has been changing since before it arrived here

Colorado has already seen substantial turnover in the specific kinds of SARS-CoV-2 virus that has been circulating in the state

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