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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado’s health department argues it can’t be sued in whistleblower lawsuit tied to botched HIV program

Colorado’s former head of disease control, fired last summer amid the pandemic, alleges state health officials retaliated against him after he blew the whistle on financial mismanagement

Politics and Government

Colorado violates EPA ozone standards again as business groups cheer gutting of draft commuting limits

The Front Range passed another grim milestone of violating U.S. ozone caps, but state air pollution regulators have just weakened a proposal to cut solo commuting by employees.


Plague found in fleas collected after death of 10-year-old girl in southwest Colorado

The plague-positive fleas were collected from a prairie dog colony that went "silent" shortly after a 10-year-old girl died of the plague in the area.


Opinion: Medical professionals agree we should protect students’ health this fall. We don’t agree on how.

Life is not risk free, and we need to start considering the harms that we are perpetrating on our children in our public health quest to make our schools a zero-risk environment.

Opinion Columns

A person may have died from plague in Colorado for the first time in six years

San Juan Basin Public Health was notified July 7 of the potential case of plague, which is transmitted by infected fleas.


Colorado is inching toward coronavirus herd immunity – but not just due to the vaccine

The state’s uneven vaccination rates mean the pandemic has splintered into “a series of epidemics,” one top epidemiologist says


Colorado plans to dramatically expand COVID-19 testing in schools next year, even as restrictions go away

The state is looking for companies to operate a massive testing program backed by $173M in federal funding


A fine has been issued for last year’s massive Tire Mountain fire near Hudson — and it’s a molehill

The largest used tire dump in the nation -- a strain on Colorado regulators -- is cited for multiple violations in a 15-page consent decree, but won’t see a big penalty for a July 2020 fire that darkened Weld County skies.


The Delta coronavirus variant is exploding across Colorado. That’s bad news for unvaccinated people.

The state’s top epidemiologist says the variant, also known as B.1.617.2, is the most transmissible one Colorado has seen to date


Thieves want your car’s catalytic converter — just as a new Colorado law drives up the cost to replace it

Thefts of the anti-pollution devices are way up, and so is the cost of replacing them amid clean-air rules that took effect this year

Crime and Courts

Coronavirus vaccine breakthrough cases are rare in Colorado. Here’s everything we know about them.

State health officials say there aren’t a lot of patterns in the numbers so far


A solid No. 2 surveillance tool: How a year of testing Colorado’s coronavirus poop has gone

More than 65% of Colorado’s population is now under wastewater surveillance, which has been a critical leg of the state’s COVID-19 testing stool.


Colorado OKs Suncor refinery’s plan to fix violations with $12 million in emergency shutoff equipment

Automated lockdowns of key gasoline-refining stacks may prevent the white dust clouds that enraged Globeville and Commerce City neighbors and environmental groups.


To combat coronavirus vaccine misinformation, Colorado turned to a counter-terrorism expert

The state is working with New York-based Miburo Solutions to spot vaccine falsehoods and plan information campaigns


Families kept in the dark about children’s safety in Colorado’s child welfare system

Colorado's child fatality review team did not investigate the death of a 12-year-old boy who ran away from a residential center. State officials refuse to release numbers of abuse allegations.

Sun Investigation

With bites, bruises and low pay, caretakers for Colorado’s troubled youth say there’s not enough staff to keep kids — and each other — safe

The state has shifted funding to child abuse prevention and away from residential centers for youth who’ve suffered trauma. Now those centers are on the edge of a financial cliff.

Sun Investigation

Opinion: Access and information, not hesitancy, are the biggest challenges in getting more Coloradans vaccinated

The hesitancy we need to confront is not in the hearts and minds of Coloradans of color — it is in the institutions that exist to serve them.

Opinion Columns

Colorado wants big companies to attack climate change by getting their employees to ditch car commutes

Colorado’s Air Pollution Control Division wants businesses with more than 100 workers to start charging for parking, provide shuttles from transit stops and allow more working from home.


Kids as young as 12 can now get a coronavirus vaccine in Colorado. Here’s what you need to know.

Children under the age of 18 can only receive the Pfizer vaccine, but state officials say there’s lots of it to go around


Colorado used since-“retired” memo when writing disputed Suncor refinery pollution permit

Colorado officials now say they have withdrawn the 2010 memo as guidance for staff, but whistleblowers say the technical analysis for Suncor uses the same unlawful rules and the permit should be torn up

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