For all of us recent Biden voters, who’ll vote Joe again this November, his flaws are hereby confessed.

Joe’s old. He’s creepy. There’s definite cognitive diminishment. No Biden cult here. All we want is Donald Trump gone, and with him, sellouts like Cory Gardner.

A political miracle occurred last week.  Old Joe got resurrected. After his South Carolina win and the Pete/Amy/Beto endorsements, there was no place to go but Joe. Sanders can’t win.

Craig Silverman

And yes, we also concede the Hunter Biden nepotism and Joe’s corporate cronyism. Now how about the Trumps?

The Donald shares many of Joe’s flaws. Trump’s plenty old and creepy. POTUS just evaluated Elizabeth Warren as too mean – and not nice like Trump. 

He’s correct about Warren, but blind about himself. Joe Biden’s way nicer than Trump. More decent, too. That’s why Biden will win. Liz will soon back Joe, just as progressive Kamala Harris did. So will Bernie.

Last year, Trump wrestled with switching campaign slogans from MAGA (Make America Great Again) to KAG (Keep America Great).

He mistakenly chose the latter which was emblazoned on the garish red baseball hat Trump wore Friday to the Old South. Our president’s horrific indecency was on full display. 

POTUS wore that freaking campaign cap while touring Tennessee tornado damage. The Entertainer in Chief marveled at a story he heard and then made his own.

Trump told the tale of the tornado plucking a young boy out of his house and dropping him down OK, but blocks away. Of course, the boy’s family died. Trump let someone else tell that sad part. Trump listened impassively. Zero empathy. No decency.

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Trump next flew to Atlanta to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss coronavirus. Apparently, Air Force One, with all its amenities, couldn’t fix Trump’s hat hair, so there he was, inside the CDC, grotesquely sporting that same red KAG hat. What grown man, not counting Michael Moore or Ron Howard, wears a baseball cap indoors? 

At CDC, the president denigrated Washington Gov. Jay Inslee as a snake. POTUS admitted opposing the Grand Princess docking in California because entry onto U.S. soil would make American numbers look bad

Trump bragged about how perfectly he’s handled the outbreak, and how testing kits were plentiful. As if

With KAG hat on, Trump boasted of personal scientific brilliance, citing his “super-genius” MIT professor, Uncle John Trump.

At America’s top national public health institute, there was Trump touting his superior German bloodline! No wonder President Trump’s scientific hunches carry great value — for the election of Biden.

Americans are sick of this. We long for normalcy. A return to Obama-Biden times would feel just fine right about now. Make America Normal Again (MANA) would look nice on a blue hat worn in proper settings. 

And while we’re at it, could someone make the GOP normal again? Especially here in Colorado, where Trump now dominates Republicans who disdained him. Major disdainers in 2016 were Cory Gardner and Ken Buck. Now, Trump tells them to jump, and these two ask how high.

Trump’s now attacking Biden’s leadership, claiming Joe will delegate to others like Beto. To that, I say good. Congressman Buck reacted differently, hustling to his bedazzled AR-15 to make a macho tweet for Trumpworld. Buck’s braggadocious gunplay got him the attention he covets.  

Colorado’s lonely, attention-seeking GOP chairman also opposed funding to fight coronavirus. Voting against Ken were 415 House members. COVID-19’s here in Colorado and presents an unprecedented emergency necessitating large expenditures. But Buck is afflicted with perpetual politics.  Non-stop losing politics.

How many times will the Colorado GOP be ruined by Buck? Remember 10 years ago on Meet the Press when Buck compared homosexuality to alcoholism.

That comparison’s particularly rich given this picture of Trey Gowdy and Buck loving up that blinged-out assault weapon. Buck’s from Weld County where many want to secede to Wyoming, our northern neighbor featured in Brokeback Mountain. Buck blew his 2010 U.S. Senate race against a very beatable Michael Bennet.

Buck’s not ruining the Colorado GOP alone. There’s the diminished echo chambers of Trump-worshipping talk radio and Putin-assisted social media.

And there’s Colorado GOP Vice-Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown, a home-schooled lawyer who came to fame as a proponent of the perpetually and overwhelmingly rejected Personhood Amendment. This issue and these leaders are losers in Colorado, birthplace of modern legal abortion rights

How did extreme right wingers take over Colorado’s GOP? Buck won state chair with Gardner’s backing. Trump relishes these conversions of his former detractors. Now, as POTUS puts it, Cory’s with him 100%

To prove it, Trump’s coming here this Friday to pick up major moolah at the most expensive luncheon in Denver history. That’s the only success Trump will experience in Colorado this election season. Same for Gardner, who will lose to either John Hickenlooper or the indefatigable Andrew Romanoff.

Most Coloradans and Americans can’t wait to vote good riddance to Team Trump. Super Tuesday proved that with record turnout in Colorado and elsewhere. Biden is now the country’s consensus choice because he’s as close to normal as America’s got right now. Let’s go Joe!

Craig Silverman is a former Denver chief deputy DA who also has worked in the media for decades. Craig is columnist at large for The Colorado Sun. He practices law at the Denver law firm of Springer & Steinberg, P.C.

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