These times are serious as COVID-19. According to a credible whistleblower, President Trump’s administration already botched America’s best chance to avoid community spread.

Now, two Americans are dead. More to follow. But how many? Who should we trust? Not Trump.

Craig Silverman

Trump and Pence are demonstrably anti-science. Trump unconscionably implied to a South Carolina political rally that coronavirus is a Dem hoax.

This paralleled pronouncements of Trump’s chief of staff at CPAC, and Trump fav Rush Limbaugh, who called coronavirus no worse than the common cold

If only Rush were correct this once. Why is Japan shutting schools? Why are important soccer games being played in empty stadiums? This is the year that will decide America’s fate. It is March already. Time for Super (serious) Tuesday.  Democrats need to coalesce around a candidate who can beat Donald Trump.

I doubt that Bernie Sanders could win. I doubt he’d get my vote, even though I disdain the Donald. Bernie is not my cup of tea. I’d respect the man more if he ever had a real job, but Bernie’s a permanent politician and philosopher. We’ve seen his philosophy before. It looks good in the manifesto, but the reality sucks.

Pete Buttigieg just dropped out and he, like me, won’t be backing Bernie. Mike Bloomberg had a shot till he came up short in the Vegas debate. Bloomie blew it further in Charleston with some of the strangest debate humor ever attempted. Before this billionaire even got to Super Tuesday, the bloom was off his rose, and I expect he, too, will soon throw in with Joe. 

Buttigieg stole the Sunday prime time stage, eloquently preaching in South Bend, “My faith teaches that the world is not divided into good people and bad people — that all of us are capable of good and bad things.  Today, more than ever, politics matters because leaders can call out either what is best in us or what is worst in us — can draw us either to our better or to our worst selves.”

Trump and Sanders draw people to their worst selves.

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It’s deplorable for Trump, Limbaugh and their lackeys on talk radio to advocate Trumpsters vote for Sanders in Dem primaries. It’s legal, but it’s cheating. And Putinesque. Of course, that’s the Trump modus operandi, cheat to win. And encourage others to cheat on Trump’s behalf. Talk radio has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Team Trump.   

It’s legitimate to try to stop Trump by stopping Sanders. Even though he’ll win big in Colorado, this Tuesday will not be so super for Sanders. If Bernie loves America, and I’m not positive he does, he, too, should step back for the greater good. 

Joe Biden had the biggest win of his life on Saturday in South Carolina. The former VP threw some hard rhetoric afterward at Bernie. Biden’s smile was not forced and, as he recently confessed, he’s got more hair than he thinks he does.  

At least Joe’s a happy warrior. He’s gotten good at taking selfies, always grabbing the phones of fans, and then extending his right arm high before pressing the germ-laden button for the perfect shot of his hair plugs and dazzling caps.

Joe also frequently puts his fingers to his mouth and blows kisses. These days, it’s dangerous to touch yourself, let alone others. Perhaps by sniffing so many people’s skin and hair for decades, Biden has built up immaculate immunities. 

The former vice president hasn’t lost his fastball. He never had one. But he throws strikes. He’s not wild. We’ve survived and thrived under many presidents like Biden, and let’s hope we can do so again.

At least Joe’s been vetted and to the extent Trump brings up Hunter Biden and Ukraine, he will be talking about his own impeachment. Hat tip to the Donald, though; he saw Joe as his likeliest foe.

Biden’s a lifelong Democrat, and he’s always walked the line between north and south. Delaware’s near enough to Pennsylvania, and Joe’s boyhood home in Scranton. Dems can’t win the presidency without Pennsylvania and other key Rust Belt states dominated by Catholics and voters of color. 

Biden can be bipartisan. A President Biden will eschew this unitary executive branch power grab advocated by Trump and Bill Barr. The U.S. Congress and Senate may get its power back. John Hickenlooper just had a very great weekend.

Not so for Cory Gardner. If Bernie wins the nomination, Gardner has a chance to retain his Senate seat. If Bernie’s not the Dem nominee, Gardner loses all his socialism talking points, and his Senate seat. This is Gardner’s well-deserved fate for sucking up to Trump. 

Michelle Obama should say OK to be Joe’s VP. If she won’t, then Oprah must, assuming she’s all right after her humbling tumble this weekend.

Nothing can be left to chance this election. Donald Trump cannot stay in power. Flip the script on Putin’s plan. I’m voting for Joe Biden on Super Tuesday.

Craig Silverman is a former Denver chief deputy DA who also has worked in the media for decades. Craig is columnist at large for The Colorado Sun. He practices law at the Denver law firm of Springer & Steinberg, P.C.

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