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Ken Buck

Ken Buck

Opinion: Bravo to Ken Buck for standing up for the Electoral College. Now, here’s what’s wrong with it.

It's an antidemocratic allocation of power to small states with roots in the protection of slavery.

Colorado’s House delegation splits along party lines as Donald Trump is impeached for a second time

The four Democratic members of Colorado’s U.S. House delegation — Diana DeGette, Joe Neguse, Ed Perlmutter and Jason Crow — voted to impeach Trump

Littwin: In the madness that has overtaken Washington, Colorado’s Lauren Boebert brings her own

It’s one thing to be a conspiracy theorist who is in over her head, but it’s another to do it as part of the Sedition Caucus. And so Boebert is being blasted even by GOP members of Congress.

Littwin: The House is planning for a second impeachment. How many Senate Republicans will answer the call?

Don’t count on the 25th Amendment for help in Trump’s waning days in office. Impeachment and conviction would be hard. But history and justice demand an official reaction.

Ken Buck now says Trump “deserves some of the blame” for U.S. Capitol riot; Colorado Democrats demand president’s removal

Buck, a Colorado Republican, said earlier that the president wasn’t responsible for the destructive mob. Democrat Diana DeGette is demanding that Donald Trump be ousted.

Littwin: We had to know that Trump, in the end, wouldn’t leave without trying to burn the place down

It was a riot, an insurrection, a plot against America. It was Trump’s presidency in its death throes, and with every one of his enablers responsible for the assault on democracy.

“We were getting ready to make a stand”: Colorado congressmen recount harrowing moments as rioters approached

Four members of Colorado’s congressional delegation were barricaded in the U.S. House chambers during Wednesday’s deadly riot at the nation’s capital

Ken Buck doesn’t blame president for deadly U.S. Capitol riot; Ed Perlmutter says “this is an inflection point”

All nine members of Colorado's congressional delegation say they are safe

Doug Lamborn joins Lauren Boebert in opposing certification of presidential election

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, outgoing chair of the state GOP, said Sunday that he won’t join dissident Republicans in challenging key states’ Electoral College votes

Silverman: Ken Buck issued a warning to Lauren Boebert and the rest of us

Colorado’s new members of Congress — John Hickenlooper and Lauren Boebert — are sworn in

Hickenlooper and Boebert join Congress at a fraught moment

Colorado Republicans buck Trump as House approves the president’s call for $2,000 relief checks

The House also overrode Trump's veto of the National Defense Authorization Act on Monday night. Colorado's U.S. Rep. Ken Buck was the only member of the state's House delegation to side with the president and vote to block the override.

Littwin: As if state GOP didn’t have problems enough, now there’s Patrick Neville doxxing reporters

It’s not just about so-called fake news. It’s an abuse of power from a party leader. The question is whether the state GOP will do anything about it.

Littwin: Ken Buck says he won’t run again for GOP chair, but what will he run for?

Republicans have to find someone to run against both Bennet and Polis in 2022. Given the state of the Colorado GOP, it looks like they’re going to need a search party.

Ken Buck will not seek another term as Colorado GOP chairman

Buck, who lives in Windsor, was elected to the position for a two-year term in 2019

Colorado GOP dismisses concerns about fraud at its caucuses. But one leader calls it a whitewashed report.

A special commission found more problems at the party caucuses in Weld County than previously known, but argued none of it amounted to criminal behavior

Jenna Ellis, President Trump’s lawyer, was fired from Weld County DA’s office for “mistakes,” records show

Documents obtained by The Colorado Sun through an open records request appear to contradict what Ellis told The Wall Street Journal about her termination

Littwin: Trump won’t leave without dragging the GOP down the rabbit hole with him

Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn joined a list of 126 GOP members of Congress advocating for the Supreme Court to overturn the 2020 election.

Littwin: Just how dangerous is Trump’s sure-to-fail attempted coup?

In Colorado, it’s dangerous enough that few Republican officials will even talk about it. If you think it can’t get worse, wait to see if Scott Gessler is the next GOP Party chair.

Ken Buck on his future as Colorado’s GOP leader — he hasn’t made up his mind — and Republican losses

The Windsor Republican isn’t willing to call Democrat Joe Biden the president-elect, though he hasn’t seen any proof of fraud that would overturn the election

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