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Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Kristi Burton Brown elected as next Colorado GOP chair, vows to bring “a new generation of leadership”

Burton Brown was serving as the vice chair of the state party. She got her start in politics as an anti-abortion advocate.

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Denver-based Dominion Voting sues Fox News for $1.6B over 2020 election claims

Dominion said in the lawsuit that it tried repeatedly to set the record straight but was ignored by Fox News

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As climate fight shifts to oil, Joe Biden faces a formidable foe in the West

New drilling permits spiked during Trump's final months in office. As a result, some companies with the biggest presence on public lands have announced that they are ready to weather changes under Biden.


Federal prosecutors narrow in on organized extremists, including Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, in Capitol siege probe

Federal investigators say the extremist groups planned the assault on the U.S. Capitol for weeks and counted on "normies," like a Woodland Park man who was arrested, to help "burn that city to ash."

Crime and Courts

As Colorado readies wolf-reintroduction plan, other states may step up kills

Wildlife managers in the West say wolves are being used to stoke political outrage in the same way Second Amendment gun rights were used in recent elections to raise fears Democrats would restrict firearms.


The behind-the-scenes story of being Gov. Jared Polis during Colorado’s coronavirus crisis

“Who would think losing 6,000 people could ever be a win instead of 8,000? It’s just horrific every day,” the Democrat said.


Colorado’s Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney was alarmed by falsehoods about Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems

Jason Dunn said he’s confident in the validity of the election results in Colorado. “For anyone to claim there was any question about the results in Colorado is really not being honest with the public,” he said.

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Jason Dunn, Colorado’s top federal prosecutor, will resign Feb. 28

"At the end of the day, Coloradans could vote freely and be sure that their votes were counted accurately," Dunn said in a statement announcing his resignation

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Silverman: Let’s all learn from this losing impeachment experience

America will struggle so long as Trumpism thrives

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Littwin: On Day Five, Trump is acquitted and the 43 Republicans who voted with him should be found guilty

In maybe the most puzzling moment of the day, Mitch McConnell made a speech blasting Trump, saying he was clearly guilty of incitement and more. He also explained why he nevertheless voted to acquit.

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Nicolais: Joe Neguse nails his star turn in Trump’s impeachment trial

As one of the House impeachment managers, the nation saw what many Coloradans have known about Joe Neguse for awhile

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Colorado’s senators vote to impeach Donald Trump, but the former president is still acquitted

John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet voted with 55 other senators to convict Trump

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Littwin: Day Four was another bad day for Trump’s legal team, but a worse one if you think impeachment trials are about justice

Unless the Democrats decide to call witnesses — say, Kevin McCarthy — the vote is coming today. And we didn’t hear from anyone who believes Trump will be convicted

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Littwin: On Day Three of the impeachment trial, House managers continued their uphill search for 17 Republicans to defy Trump

Diana DeGette finally got her turn to present, batting leadoff. Joe Neguse was one of the closers. Meanwhile, Trump’s defense team is up next, but don’t expect them to be up for very long.

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Littwin: Trump might never be convicted, but on Day Two of the impeachment trial he finally met his day of reckoning

Remarkable video, much of it never made public, stunned even the senators who had lived through the Capitol assault. As one House manager put it, Trump left “everyone in this Capitol for dead”

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Colorado’s Joe Neguse, other Democratic impeachment managers present chilling video, audio from Capitol riot

Trump’s supporters were prepped and armed, ready to descend on the Capitol, Neguse said. “When they heard his speech, they understood his words.”


Littwin: On Day One of the Trump impeachment trial, the House managers win in a rout, but only 6 GOP senators seem to notice

House manager Jamie Raskin’s emotional presentation of a video of the Capitol assault set the tone for the day. Colorado’s own Joe Neguse made a star turn as constitutional explainer. And the trial moves on.

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A fluke or the future? Rep. Lauren Boebert shakes up her Colorado district

Republican Lauren Boebert, is an unabashed, social media-savvy loyalist of Donald Trump who, like her fellow first-term colleague GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, is stoking controversy with her far-right views and defiant actions. But unlike Greene, Boebert doesn't hail from an overwhelmingly GOP, safe district.

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Carman: Welcome to the Impeachment Bowl, where Colorado is fielding an all-star lineup

Welcome to the 2021 Super Brawl, when football and the impeachment trial merge into a weeklong festival of pandemic binge-watching

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Nicolais: Is Kerry Donovan the right candidate against Lauren Boebert, but in the wrong year?

Sen. Donovan’s decision to challenge Lauren Boebert in the 3rd Congressional District may come a year too late

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