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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

University of Colorado Boulder bans ex-teacher from outreach after Trump speech

Former California university professor John Eastman has been banned from performing outreach or speaking

Opinion: In times like these, polarization can bring clarity

Four years ago, I would have said America is a nation rooted in democracy and reason. Four years of argument and division have shown me otherwise.

Grand Junction fights to keep Bureau of Land Management headquarters with its future under Biden unclear

President Donald Trump moved the public lands agency to Colorado from Washington, D.C. President Joe Biden administrations may move it back.

Littwin: Normal, on an anything-but-normal Inauguration Day for Joe Biden, was more than good enough

Joe Biden is president, meaning Donald Trump is not, and that means that for much of the nation, we can finally exhale.

Son of powerful Denver lobbyist Norm Brownstein is pardoned by Trump

Drew "Bo" Brownstein pleaded guilty in 2011 to making illegal stock trades a year earlier that netted him about $2.4 million

Trump pardons Steve Bannon, but not the Colorado man also charged in border wall scam

Timothy Shea, a Castle Rock entrepreneur, is accused of allowing Bannon and others involved in the "We Build The Wall" campaign to use donations for personal gain.

Littwin: The story you may have missed amid the craziness of Trump’s final days

In the past six months, the Trump administration has executed 13 federal death-row prisoners. That’s three times as many as had been executed in the past 60 years.

Opinion: America’s refugee program has been dismantled. Here’s how we should rebuild under Biden.

Let’s reclaim our role as the world’s preeminent and most generous country in refugee resettlement.

How Democratic control in Washington will influence Democratic control in Colorado — and vice versa

Democrats in the Colorado legislature have spent the past two years responding to President Donald Trump and congressional inaction. With their party in charge of Congress and the White House, it changes their priorities on the state level.

Silverman: The truth about Trump’s insurrection will emerge in a courtroom

Evidence against President Trump will only get stronger in a Senate impeachment trial

Lauren Boebert is sued in federal court for blocking constituent on Twitter

Bri Buentello, a former Democratic state representative who lives in Pueblo, brought the legal action on Sunday

Littwin: Trump may soon be gone, but an impeachment trial will ensure his misdeeds won’t be forgotten

A Senate impeachment trial would give a necessary public hearing on the Jan. 6 insurrection — with millions watching — and the danger Trump has posed to American democracy.

Carman: Lies, damn lies and the Big Lie have driven Americans certifiably nuts

Nicolais: What were the odds that Trump would be so beloved by bookies?

Political odds makers have had a field day over the past year – and will not be slowing down soon

Opinion: Voluntary, piecemeal actions by online companies to cut down on misinformation are not enough

We need to have a substantive conversation about accountability, transparency, and regulation of social media platforms.

Opinion: After Trump, we must restore respect for the search for truth

Crafting conspiracy theories has become an art, in which a few facts are thrown into a concoction of lies and half-truths.

Some of Colorado’s conservative talk radio stations are turning down the volume on “rigged election” claims

Cumulus Media orders stations to “help induce national calm,” but some question whether the move is driven by a fear of business blowback

Opinion: Learning a lesson about having a cult leader at the helm of society

A narcissistic egomaniac with delusions of godhood does not belong in the White House.

Lauren Boebert vowed to shake things up in Congress. She has delivered in her first week.

The high school dropout with a history of minor run-ins with the law used her first tumultuous week in office to cement her far-right and extremist credentials while also setting off a widespread roar of criticism

Opinion: Lauren Boebert must go, because voters decide elections, not politicians

What Boebert attempted to do, most likely for show, was anti-democratic and an affront to our republican form of government.

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