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Colorado continues to shift blue: The 2020 election, explained in graphics

Colorado’s political map is looking more and more blue. The 2020 election continued the decades-long shift toward Democrats in Colorado, led by voters in suburban counties and punctuated by huge turnout in the party’s strongholds of Denver and Boulder.  “Colorado is officially blue. Not purple, not periwinkle, not powder blue,” says Steve Welchert, a veteran […]

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Joe Biden supporters across Colorado breathe sigh of relief, celebrate after presidential race is called

John Warner stood on the west steps of the Colorado Capitol on Saturday clad in nothing but an American flag Speedo bathing suit  and raised his arms in triumph. He was basking in President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. “It’s just the first time in awhile it feels like you can breathe,” the 40-year-old Denver Democrat said. […]

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Joe Biden wins in Colorado, easily defeating President Donald Trump to take the state’s 9 electoral votes

Updated 9:16 p.m. Nov. 3, 2020 Democrat Joe Biden is cruising to victory in Colorado, taking the state’s nine electoral votes in a contest that was never in doubt. The former vice president’s victory over President Donald Trump became clear soon after polls closed, and five major TV networks declared Biden the winner in Colorado […]

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Donald Trump told supporters to watch the polls. First, you need to know the rules in Colorado.

In the first presidential debate, President Donald Trump urged his supporters to “go into the polls and watch very carefully” for potential fraud. Colorado allows election watchers at polling locations — a feature that officials say makes the state’s voting process transparent and secure — but not just anyone can watch the polls or the […]

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Here’s what John Hickenlooper thinks about a U.S. Supreme Court expansion and what makes a good justice

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper says a commitment to upholding civil rights — including abortion protections under Roe v. Wade — is critical for his support of any U.S. Supreme Court nominee.  “I’ve never used it as a litmus test,” he added of a judge’s views on abortion, “but I do think most people who are […]

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Donald Trump’s Colorado troubles are evident in his poll numbers, new analysis shows

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings in Colorado fluctuated often since he took office, but an analysis of two dozen polls over four years shows his numbers never greatly improved.  The Republican started his term with 45% approval and 44% disapproval in Colorado, one poll found, the first and only time he stood in positive territory. […]

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How Colorado Republicans transformed from “Never Trump” to Donald Trump loyalists in four years

Colorado’s delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention led a last-minute insurrection designed to prevent Donald Trump from securing the party’s nomination. They called themselves “Never Trumpers” and staged a walkout on the convention floor in Cleveland. Now, four years later, many of those anti-Trump delegates are among his fiercest supporters.  “We didn’t know how […]

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President Donald Trump is raising big money in Colorado, far outpacing Democrat Joe Biden

President Donald Trump is collecting the bulk of campaign donations from Colorado, but former Vice President Joe Biden began to close the gap after emerging as the presumptive Democratic nominee.  Colorado residents have donated nearly $4.6 million to Trump, compared with $3.2 million to Biden, according to a Colorado Sun analysis of Federal Election Commission […]