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Presidential campaign

Presidential campaign

Colorado continues to shift blue: The 2020 election, explained in graphics

A Colorado Sun analysis of the 2020 election results shows how the shifting votes in the Denver suburbs are redefining the state’s political map

Joe Biden supporters across Colorado breathe sigh of relief, celebrate after presidential race is called

At the Colorado Capitol, dozens gathered to celebrate the Democratic victory. Donald Trump supporters were there, too, questioning the results

Joe Biden wins in Colorado, easily defeating President Donald Trump to take the state’s 9 electoral votes

The Democrat never held a campaign rally in Colorado, the first presidential candidate to skip the state in decades

Donald Trump told supporters to watch the polls. First, you need to know the rules in Colorado.

Colorado election officials welcome poll watchers to add transparency and trust, but suggest claims of voter fraud are misinformed

Here’s what John Hickenlooper thinks about a U.S. Supreme Court expansion and what makes a good justice

As President Donald Trump and Republicans in the Senate look to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat, the court is becoming a central election issue

Donald Trump’s Colorado troubles are evident in his poll numbers, new analysis shows

The president's approval rating among voters sat near 45% at the start of his term and has only gone down as the 2020 election approaches.

How Colorado Republicans transformed from “Never Trump” to Donald Trump loyalists in four years

The GOP convention this week completes Colorado’s evolution after making history in 2016 with its opposition to Donald Trump’s nomination

President Donald Trump is raising big money in Colorado, far outpacing Democrat Joe Biden

The divided Democratic presidential primary split major donors and left former Vice President Joe Biden to play catchup in Colorado

Littwin: We knew the conventions would be weird this year, but what could be weirder than a united Democratic Party?

Weird? No balloons, no confetti, no applause following carefully constructed applause lines. But what we will see over the next two weeks at both national conventions is Trump playing a starring role.

Carman: It’s Kamala Harris for VP, and both sides have come out swinging

Kanye West qualifies to be on Colorado’s 2020 presidential ballot

West paid $1,000 and submitted the names of 9 valid electors to the Colorado Secretary of State's Office on Wednesday to ensure his spot in the November contest.

Silverman: Voting is a great way to fight bigotry. Remember that in November

Silverman: Examining Tara Reade’s sex assault allegations against Joe Biden

Opinion: Coronavirus is adding to voters’ concerns with Trump’s erratic foreign policy

Silverman: How did extreme right-wingers take over Colorado’s Republican Party?

Silverman: Democrats must coalesce around the candidate who will crush Donald Trump

"This is one of those moments when we need a president who will listen to science and put facts above politics.” -- Pete Buttigieg

Nicolais: Am I about to get Berned by the Democratic primary?

With Sen. Bernie Sanders amassing a double-digit lead in Colorado, Democrats may need to begin worrying about November

How 5 Coloradans, undecided on the Democratic presidential primary, are weighing their candidate options

The Colorado Sun spoke with a group of voters after they watched Tuesday night’s debate. Hundreds of thousands of Democrats and unaffiliateds are waiting until the last minute to cast their ballots.

With Bernie Sanders surging, Colorado could become a proving ground for his lagging rivals

Candidates like Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, who campaigned in Colorado over the weekend, likely need to have a good Super Tuesday showing to counter the narrative that Sanders can’t be stopped

Colorado issues, like fracking and marijuana, divide the Democratic candidates for president

A Colorado Sun survey shows all but two candidates support federal marijuana legalization, while others lack clear plans on Western issues

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