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John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper
John Hickenlooper

Opinion: Drug makers charge hospitals less for some medicines. Consumers aren’t getting the savings

Colorado’s congressional delegation needs to investigate why lower prices aren’t being passed on to patients

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What we can learn from the 10,000 tweets sent by Colorado’s congressional delegation in 2021

Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert sent the most tweets, but she didn’t have the one with the most engagement

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We analyzed dozens of Colorado congressional floor speeches to see who had the most — and least — to say in 2021

From the Jan. 6 insurrection, impeachment, policy issues and politics, C-SPAN video reveals how much some talked and how one spoke not at all

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Some failed Colorado congressional candidates still have lots of money in their campaign accounts. Here’s why.

Republican Cory Gardner and Democrat Mike Johnston have more than $1 million left over. They could potentially use it for future campaigns.

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Littwin: The question isn’t why Manchin walked away from Biden’s social-spending bill, but what to do next

Joe Manchin made a counter offer that leaves out the expanded child tax credit, promised by Biden and backed for years by Bennet. Is that in any way acceptable?

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Opinion: Dreamers are counting on the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Act

The uncertainty afflicting more than 13,000 Coloradans won’t end until Congress affirms the DACA program

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“I can’t vote for it”: Joe Manchin says he cannot back Democrats’ Build Back Better bill

The news is a blow to the Democratic members of Colorado's congressional delegation, who have been pushing hard for the legislation's passage

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Colorado’s governor continues to fund positions in his office with money from private donors

Five of the positions are full time while one is part time. They are funded by more than $1.3 million in grants.

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Colorado doesn’t have a statewide building code. Would enacting one help protect homes against wildfire?

A handful of state lawmakers are interested in pursuing a statewide building code, in large part as a way to secure more federal grant money


Opinion: Retreating snowpack is a threat to Colorado skiing, and to Colorado brewing

A climate-forward federal budget can help abate the trend, and grow the energy sector

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Opinion: Fossil fuels are threatening Colorado skiing

A warmer world is making our landscapes and economies unrecognizable. The federal budget reconciliation bill will help Colorado prepare to cope

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Bureau of Land Management headquarters will head from Colorado back to Washington, Biden administration says

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said that Grand Junction will be the agency's western headquarters and that its presence in the city will grow

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Dick Lamm, Colorado’s former governor, is remembered for his policy, passion and prescience

Colorado political figures honored Lamm’s contributions to the state at a memorial service in Denver

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BLM to remove 80% of wild mustang herd from Sand Wash Basin in Colorado’s second helicopter roundup of the summer

The federal Bureau of Land Management intends to remove 733 horses from the northwestern Colorado rangeland despite protest from Gov. Jared Polis and horse advocates.


John Hickenlooper tests positive for COVID-19, has only mild symptoms

Hickenlooper, a Colorado Democrat, was vaccinated against the disease


An upgraded Grand Junction rail yard could accelerate Western Slope economic development

Federal infrastructure investment floats hope for an intermodal train terminal in Grand Junction, which would support Western Slope businesses that rely on shipping containers from overseas while reducing truck traffic on I-70.


Congress’ bipartisan infrastructure bill includes $8.3 billion for Western water. Here’s how Colorado stands to benefit.

$300 million would go directly to carrying out the Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plan, $50 million of which would go to Upper Basin states, including Colorado

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Lauren Boebert’s campaign leads the pack as Colorado congressional candidates raised $4.8M last quarter

Boebert, a Garfield County Republican, gathered nearly $1 million in April, May and June. Gov. Jared Polis gave his reelection campaign $250,000.

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Wife of Colorado political strategist missing in Florida condo building collapse

Michael Stratton told Denver's KDVR-TV that he was talking on the phone with his wife Cassondra Stratton Thursday around 1:30 a.m. when the building collapsed

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Littwin: Republicans ignore the lessons of the Jan. 6 Capitol assault. Now Democrats must learn the lesson of May 28.

The only way for Democrats to protect voting rights in America is to pass a national standard. And the only way to pass it is to kill the filibuster.

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