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John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper

Grand Junction fights to keep Bureau of Land Management headquarters with its future under Biden unclear

President Donald Trump moved the public lands agency to Colorado from Washington, D.C. President Joe Biden administrations may move it back.

How Democratic control in Washington will influence Democratic control in Colorado — and vice versa

Democrats in the Colorado legislature have spent the past two years responding to President Donald Trump and congressional inaction. With their party in charge of Congress and the White House, it changes their priorities on the state level.

Sen. John Hickenlooper: “Trump and the thugs who attempted a violent coup can’t override the will of the people”

"We are the guardians of this fragile democracy and its endurance rests on our shoulders."

Ken Buck now says Trump “deserves some of the blame” for U.S. Capitol riot; Colorado Democrats demand president’s removal

Buck, a Colorado Republican, said earlier that the president wasn’t responsible for the destructive mob. Democrat Diana DeGette is demanding that Donald Trump be ousted.

Two wins in Georgia build on victory in Colorado and hand Democrats control of U.S. Senate

John Hickenlooper’s win against Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in November paved the way for Democrats to take chamber’s majority

Colorado’s new members of Congress — John Hickenlooper and Lauren Boebert — are sworn in

Hickenlooper and Boebert join Congress at a fraught moment

Littwin: Since the future is hard to predict, we’ll look back and see if that works any better

Of the 10 most-read columns I wrote for The Sun in 2020, 3 were about Trump, 3 about COVID, 2 Gardners, 1 Hancock and 1 Biden.

Opinion: U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree came from threatened Colorado national forest lands

The top story in Colorado politics in 2020 — and what to expect in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic dominated headlines inside and outside politics, but the U.S. Senate race also ranked high on the list

Opinion: This Colorado vet is counting on Hickenlooper to defend Colorado’s outdoor treasures

Opinion: New limits on oil and gas ignore the will of Colorado voters

John Hickenlooper spent $41 million to win Colorado’s U.S. Senate race, far surpassing Cory Gardner

In the 3rd Congressional District, Lauren Boebert defeated her Democratic opponent despite being outspent 2 to 1, new records show

Opinion: Transitioning away from fossil fuels will mean more jobs, not fewer

How the Cardboard Cory protest in Colorado helped Democrats defeat Gardner in the U.S. Senate race

A group of activists and ProgressNow Colorado shaped the political conversation and created one of the most iconic advocacy campaigns in recent memory

Opinion: Coloradans voted to keep all of us healthy, safe and thriving

Opinion: Facebook shouldn’t block a journalist tool revealing how political ads are targeted

Gov. Jared Polis will select one of these three people to serve on the Colorado Supreme Court

The appointment will be the Democrat’s first to the high court and will replace the last Republican-appointed justice on the panel

Opinion: Colorado will play a role in a changing U.S. policy toward Cuba

Opinion: In the endless political firefight, Coloradans can be first responders

Colorado continues to shift blue: The 2020 election, explained in graphics

A Colorado Sun analysis of the 2020 election results shows how the shifting votes in the Denver suburbs are redefining the state’s political map

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