Crystal and Jarvis Bryant talk January 24, 2020, about the 164 days that their son, Jace Bryant, now 20 months old, was taken away from them and placed in foster care. They were arrested on child abuse charges and later exonerated. Jace is back with them now in their Fountain, Colorado, home. (Mark Reis, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Their baby was taken away and placed in foster care for 164 days. It turns out, he had a bone disorder.

The Bryants’ son was one of 4,772 Colorado children removed from their homes by child welfare authorities and living in foster care last year. But their story isn’t the typical tale of a child rescued from abuse or neglect.

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Work to reduce wildfire risks in Colorado, other Western states has economic benefits, report says

In New Mexico, Colorado and other parts of the American West, officials persistently warn that hotter, drier conditions are ingredients for more intense fires

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Hickenlooper has likely secured his spot on the U.S. Senate primary ballot. But will the Democratic base embrace him?

John Hickenlooper, in addition to petitioning onto the ballot, is also going through Colorado’s caucus process. That could reveal how the Democratic Party is feeling about his candidacy.