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El Paso County

El Paso County
El Paso County

Silverman: Normal rules of self-defense don’t apply when your house is invaded

The legal battle over the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol — the people's house — has begun. America needs justice.

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Colorado has finalized its congressional redistricting, but don’t forget about your powerful county commission

Some counties won’t redraw their commission-district lines until 2023, thanks to a deadline extension granted by Colorado lawmakers

Politics and Government

Can a climate-conscious CDOT build new roads and cut greenhouse gases at the same time?

After a century of making life easier for cars and trucks, the state’s transportation agency also has the job of cutting pollution. Not everyone is on board.


Zillow spent big in Colorado’s Front Range this summer, months before collapse of home-flipping business

The online real estate giant Zillow bought more than 500 homes in 10 Front Range counties this summer, often spending more than asking.


2 children, 2 adults killed in apparent El Paso County murder-suicide

Deputies were called to the home on Pleier Drive just after 10 a.m. Saturday for a report of “someone on scene who was seriously injured and needed help"


Charges against 2 Colorado women accused of killing their newborns point to need for more awareness of Safe Haven law

Only three babies were given up at fire stations or hospitals last year under the law, which is intended to prevent infant homicide.


Here are the themes from meetings across Colorado on the state’s new congressional, legislative maps

More than 100 hours of testimony, 2,300 online comments to consider as first maps based on 2020 census data are set to be revealed this month

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As aquifers drain, El Paso County is hoping a nearly endless loop of water can fight future shortages

Could a $134 million pipeline recycling suburban water help wean communities off depleted aquifer sources? The latest complex solution for the arid, fast-growing West.


Racial segregation is getting worse in big U.S. cities — except for Colorado Springs

Among the 113 largest cities examined by researchers for a decade only two qualified as "integrated." One of them was Colorado Springs. Denver ranked as "highly segregated"


$95,000 deal reached to settle El Paso County jail coronavirus lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed after more than 1,000 inmates at the jail contracted COVID-19 last fall, the largest outbreak among jails and prisons in Colorado


Colorado’s county commissions will have guardrails on how they draw commissioner districts under new law

House Bill 1047, which aims to enhance transparency and create legal guidelines for a process previously left up to counties, was signed by Gov. Jared Polis.

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Officials advise 4,000 people vaccinated at Colorado Springs spa to get new coronavirus shots

The state health department stopped vaccinations at Dr. Moma Health and Wellness Clinic on Friday


Colorado’s county commissions are powerful. A new effort aims to ensure their districts are drawn fairly.

There are few rules for how Colorado counties redraw district lines, and Democratic state lawmakers say new legislation would put guardrails on a process that could be vulnerable to political influence.

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Rep. Chris Kennedy: Let’s extend redistricting reform to Colorado’s county commissioners

Three Colorado counties elect some or all of their commissioners by individual districts, and there’s nothing in the law requiring them to draw fair maps.

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Opinion: Colorado legislators should model COVID-19 safety guidelines

Opinion Columns

With coronavirus nixing gatherings, LGBTQ+ Coloradans seek new ways to foster belonging

LGBTQ+ people feel some impacts of the pandemic more sharply than the general population, but there have been silver linings to the shutdown


Agricultural water contaminated with “forever chemicals” could taint produce, Colorado study finds

The Colorado School of Mines study didn't do real-world tests, but state health monitors say they will pay closer attention in sampling


More Coloradans than ever voted this year, and the state’s turnout ranks in the top 5 nationwide

Members of both major parties and unaffiliated voters all cast ballots at record-high rates, but Democratic counties led the way

Election 2020

Rejected ballots top 10,000 in Colorado. Election officials are working to get them counted.

Mail ballot rejections in the 2020 election remain below average, but are expected to rise and disproportionately affect younger voters, an analysis shows

Election 2020

Colorado vote tracker: Here’s a look at turnout in the 2020 election

A statewide analysis and breakdown of the top 11 counties shows Democrats hold the vote edge in Colorado

Election 2020
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