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health care

What will be debated at the Colorado Capitol when the legislature returns next week

Gov. Jared Polis and four state lawmakers joined The Colorado Sun for an event ahead of the 2022 legislative session

Politics and Government

Avista hospital closed for foreseeable future after oxygen tanks had a near miss with Marshall fire

Most damage to the hospital in southern Louisville is related to smoke. But staff and patients with appointments are moving to other Centura facilities

Marshall Fire

As hospitals fill up, paramedics — like those in Gunnison — spend more time moving patients, less on emergencies

Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics have a 4,400-square-mile service area. It is more than twice the size of Delaware and is the largest response zone for an ambulance service in all of Colorado.


Fewer COVID cases are being reported, but more of the virus is being found in Denver-area sewage

A Colorado researcher says the situation may indicate vaccinated people are catching the virus but not feeling sick enough to get tested


Nicolais: I can see clearly now — finally — without glasses

After decades of contacts and reading glasses, I finally navigated the eye surgery industry

Opinion Columns

The data are in: Coloradans who get a COVID vaccine booster are nearly 50 times less likely to be hospitalized

Coloradans who received a booster shot were 2.4 times less likely to test positive for COVID-19 than people who had been fully vaccinated against the virus but had not received a boost


Denver-area businesses may start checking your COVID vaccination status. Here’s how to get proof on your smartphone.

The myColorado app lets you download your official vaccine record on your phone -- as well as your driver’s license


Opinion: Food is medicine, so insurance should cover it

It would provide chronically ill people the nutrition they need to manage their illness at home

Opinion Columns

Kaiser Permanente, unions reach labor deal to avert strike

The Alliance of Health Care Unions and Kaiser Permanente jointly announced the agreement, staving off a potentially crippling strike in which 32,000 employees, most of them in Southern California, threatened to walk off the job


Opinion: As Colorado’s Hispanic population grows, so does its political voice

And that voice is asking for lower taxes and expanded medical and education options

Opinion Columns

A Colorado program introduces students from diverse backgrounds to the medical field. It’s more important than ever.

Children’s Hospital of Colorado’s Medical Career Collaborative is now in its 22nd year. It has helped hundreds of students.


FDA signs off on extending booster shots to Americans who got Moderna or Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine

The Food and Drug Administration's decisions mark a big step toward expanding the U.S. booster campaign


More video visits and more doctor burnout: How the pandemic has changed health care in Colorado

Highlights from The Colorado Sun’s panel discussion on the future of health care


Opinion: Colorado should vote on a publicly funded, privately delivered health care system

The General Assembly asked for this recommendation, now it should put it in front of the voters

Opinion Columns

Zornio: Fact-checking Jared Polis on COVID, air quality and taxes

How the governor’s interview on Colorado Matters holds up to the facts. There has been intense debate.

Opinion Columns

Nicolais: Rationing health care should be a scary side effect for the unvaccinated

Other states have recently adopted official crisis of care standards that provide health care providers more flexibility to choose who receives care and who does not

Opinion Columns

Pritchett: Coming to grips with the daunting Alzheimer’s elevator ride

For both the afflicted and caregivers, there's a challenging road ahead -- on many fronts -- in dealing with dementia


School or “Russian Roulette”? Amid delta variant and lax mask rules, some Colorado parents see no difference


COVID-19 booster shots could begin on Sept. 20

In a statement, health officials said it is “very clear” that the vaccines' protection against infection wanes over time


Biden administration will recommend that people receive a COVID vaccine booster 8 months after second shot

Federal health officials have been actively looking at whether extra shots for the vaccinated would be needed as early as this fall

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