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Opinion: Prop. 116 would divert money from schools and health care. Why you should vote no.

Colorado legislators say that Proposition 116 would make economic hardships and disparities even worse

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Cory Gardner wants to get rid of Obamacare. But it’s not clear what he plans to replace it with.

The Republican senator from Colorado talks more often about what he doesn’t want -- Obamacare, a public option, Medicare For All -- than his ideas on how to achieve his goals of driving down costs and improving care

Opposition to Obamacare becomes political liability for Cory Gardner and other Republican incumbents

Despite Cory Gardner’s multiple votes to repeal the ACA, he has largely avoided talking about the measure during the 2020 campaign

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Colorado governor lets bars, restaurants serve alcohol until 11 p.m., but continues last-call limit for 30 more days

Bars and restaurants, furious about the limitation, sued Gov. Jared Polis over his last-call order. But a Denver District Court judge sided with the governor and kept the mandate in place.

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Colorado touts its new private coronavirus testing contracts as a way to speed up results. Already there are problems.

More than 350 people who were tested by Mako Medical in Colorado Springs are being asked to return after state health officials found problems with how their samples were handled. Mako, which is running three testing sites in Colorado at a daily cost of up to $200,000, has faced criticism before.