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Littwin: Dennis Prager came to Colorado, hoping to get COVID, while campaigning for Heidi Ganahl

I’m not saying right-wing radio host Dennis Prager’s bizarre approach to COVID-19 is the weirdest anti-vax moment of the pandemic, although I’m guessing it’s probably in the top 10.  What I am saying, with all certainty, is that it has to be the weirdest involving the presumed frontrunner in the Colorado GOP race to choose […]

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Silverman: Nothing is quite normal, even though we want the pandemic to end

Yearning for complete normalcy, we keep coming up empty. Not enough Americans trust science and vaccines. Regardless, there are significant improvements. Favorite activities have returned, like movies, indoor restaurants and live events. But fewer people are attending. How long can these businesses survive?  At home, my family celebrated the return of “The Sopranos,” via its […]

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A Colorado Springs wellness clinic is now barred from providing coronavirus vaccines

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has barred the Dr. Moma Health & Wellness Center in Colorado Springs from providing any more coronavirus vaccines through the federal COVID-19 vaccination program. The decision, announced Friday morning, comes after a months-long investigation that found clinic workers failed to properly handle and store their allotment of […]

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“The epitome of selfishness”: Jefferson County COVID vaccine workers harassed over Labor Day weekend

A Colorado county’s public health department took its three mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics off the streets after its staff was harassed while providing inoculations over Labor Day weekend, the department’s executive director said. Jefferson County Public Health executive director Dawn Comstock said medical staff working at a mobile vaccine clinic in neighboring Gilpin County, about […]