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Sometimes startups need advice more than capital, and that’s where Colorado’s BEN steps in

A month before announcing a new $80 million investment in his travel tech company, Brian Egan knew he needed help to manage this next stage of growth. At the invitation of a low-profile business organization that focuses on fast-growing companies, the cofounder of Evolve Vacation Rental shared his quandary with a group of seasoned entrepreneurs […]

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Nicolais: Mark Kennedy’s journey on LGBTQ issues outweighs his congressional record

The debate over Mark Kennedy, the sole finalist to be the University of Colorado’s next president, has been consumed by votes he took a decade and a half ago while serving as a member of Congress. Specifically, opponents have highlighted Kennedy’s 2004 and 2006 votes to ban same-sex marriage. That singular focus is not only […]

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Opinion: Federal investment in university research is critical to surging public-private partnerships

When a SpaceX passenger capsule docked with the International Space Station on March 3, completing a flawless daylong trek, it put an exclamation point on the success of public-private partnerships. On the eve of that headline-making voyage, NASA Deputy Administrator James Morhard and colleagues from NASA were on our campus in Boulder to help us […]

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Colorado pits big colleges against small campuses in a “zero-sum game.” Gov. Polis wants a truce.

Teacher protests and a push for full-day kindergarten are dominating the education debate in Colorado, but policymakers are quietly working to address the state’s other school crisis: higher education. The problem is significant. Colorado is effectively trying to sustain one of the most educationally demanding economies in the country, while spending the fourth least of […]

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Colorado’s universities are catering to out-of-state students. Is their public mission at risk?

Colorado’s flagship public university is within reach of a controversial milestone: the majority of its student body could soon come from out of state. The University of Colorado’s Boulder campus has trended that direction for years — the result of radically changing its business model to make up for two decades of state budget cuts. […]