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More than 30 people applied to be Denver Public Schools’ new superintendent

From 10 to 12 candidates for the Denver superintendent job are expected to participate in a second round of interviews starting next week, the head of the firm conducting the search said. A total of 32 applicants applied to lead Denver Public Schools, Colorado’s largest school district. Of those, 21 candidates did a first-round interview […]

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Changing priorities shaped Susana Cordova’s relationship with the Denver school board

In the weeks since Denver Public Schools Superintendent Susana Cordova announced her resignation, powerful people have accused the Denver school board of pushing her out. Former U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan called the Denver board “bad” in a tweet. In a statement, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and former Mayor Federico Peña called it “dysfunctional.” Fourteen former board members […]

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Opinion: Mayor Hancock’s interference harms Denver Public Schools superintendent search

The sudden resignation of Denver Public Schools Superintendent Susana Cordova has sparked a small but politically powerful group, led by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, to promote a far-fetched racist and sexist conspiracy theory — a charge so outrageous it cannot go unchallenged.  Therefore, the Colorado Latino Forum Board is compelled to respond by challenging the […]

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Denver’s current, former mayors say “dysfunctional” school board mistreated departing Superintendent Susana Cordova

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and former Mayor Federico Peña weighed into education politics Monday with a statement sharply criticizing the Denver school board for “undermining” outgoing Superintendent Susana Cordova, who recently announced her resignation. The mayors said the board should abdicate what is arguably its most important duty — hiring a superintendent — and let […]