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Why another statewide lockdown is unlikely, even as Colorado’s coronavirus situation worsens each day

Coloradans are more likely to encounter someone with coronavirus now than at any point during the pandemic, state health officials say. Hospitalizations because of COVID-19 have surged to a new high. The state’s health care capacity is at risk of being overwhelmed in a matter of weeks. Yet Gov. Jared Polis has declined to place […]

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I’m grateful my Colorado home is where I’ve had to “stay put” during coronavirus

The Ute name for the Great Sand Dunes is sowapophe-uvehe—the land that goes back and forth. The Jicarilla Apache variation is ei-enyedi—the land that goes up and down.  Either phrase, it seems, could apply to the whole San Luis Valley on this windy spring day. Fortunately, there is a “back” and a “forth”, an “up” […]

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For me, going for a run is a simple thing. But racism didn’t take a break during the pandemic.

In the time of COVID-19, statewide stay-at-home orders across the country, and CDC recommendations to wear face masks in public, we’ve seen a proliferation of people spending time in outdoor spaces to escape the daily confinement of staying at home.  Bikers, walkers, runners, Rollerbladers, and canine companions swarm the Denver parks daily to enjoy some […]

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Hundreds of international workers at Colorado ski resorts are in limbo as countries close borders, airlines cancel flights

When Gov. Jared Polis ordered the state’s ski areas to close on March 14, he also launched Ana Panessi into a frantic race to get home. It was a race she did not win.  “So many people, they were able to run away very quickly. We did not have the same opportunity. So we are […]