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Coronavirus-related calls are dominating Colorado’s mental health crisis hotline

Calls to the mental health line have spiked in the past month, but tips to Safe2Tell are down. It’s too soon to know whether the pandemic will result in more suicides, say experts.


These five bills are designed to make Colorado schools safer. None touches on guns.

Colorado’s School Safety Committee pushed forward legislation that could better address students’ behavioral health needs. Lawmakers left guns out of the conversation largely for the sake of bipartisanship.


Colorado’s trailblazing Safe2Tell system needs significant upgrades, lawmakers say

Police respond to suicidal teens instead of counselors under the current system, which is among the reasons leaders are looking to Utah for ideas on how to improve.

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Crisanta Duran: “Never again” must be more than just words

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Highlands Ranch school shooting suspects were too young to purchase handguns used in deadly attack

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said federal agents are working with his investigators to determine how the suspects procured their weapons. He said that Colorado's new red flag likely wouldn't have applied.

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What we learned investigating school safety for our “After Columbine” series

Takeaways from The Colorado Sun’s months-long investigation into school safety 20 years after Columbine

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Use of Safe2Tell, created in response to Columbine, is growing as front line tool in school safety

While the anonymous tip program has come into its own as part of the AG’s office, it also faces a statistically small but troubling problem -- kids who use it to target other kids


A fight on a school bus, a knife in a backpack, suicide tips from Safe2Tell: The post-Columbine world of school safety runs 24/7

“We save lives on a daily basis,” said Ellen Kelty, Denver Public Schools director of student equity and opportunity


How Donald Trump, guns and cash spelled an end to Mike Coffman’s decade in Congress

A candidate deemed “virtually bulletproof” two years ago was undone by President Donald Trump, outside spending and a challenger impervious to attacks

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